October 21

Museum London

Our trip today to Museum London was a great learning experience for our class!

We began with breaking into 2 main groups: the first group began in the Studio and the second group began touring the various exhibits in the gallery.

At this time, the gallery was showcasing many exhibits that illustrated the theme of food, water, and life. Some of the sculptures were quite strange looking, but they each told a story and had a real purpose behind them. We also learned the museum can only display so many works of art and the rest (thousands of pieces) are stored in the vault. Some of the artwork is very valuable and is worth thousands and thousands of dollars. We saw original artwork by London artist Paul Peel as well as other work that included mixed media, abstract art, and portraits.

In the Studio, we had the opportunity to learn about primary, secondary, complimentary colours, contrast, balance, organic shapes versus geometric shapes. We created, (in a short time period, mind you), a mixed media piece of art. It is mixed media because we were using magazine and tissue paper in addition to applying crayon and marker. Have a look at us in the process:

IMG_4819 IMG_4827 IMG_4830 Have a look at some of our completed pieces:

IMG_4821 IMG_4824 IMG_4822 IMG_4823We thank Museum London and our parent volunteers for joining us on our trip! It was a great experience overall.

What did you enjoy the most? What did you learn?

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23 thoughts on “Museum London

  1. Mrs Bizzy and Room 2 Tokomaru School NZ

    Hi everyone,

    We just wanted to say thank you for all the comments you have been leaving on our blog. It is great to have feedback from people all over the world.

    Your trip to the museum looks amazing, especially the photo of the canoe art! It all looks very interesting.

    Mrs Bismark and Room 2 Tokomaru School, New Zealand

  2. Heather

    My experience at the Museum London was very interesting. My favourite part was learning about the vegetables in the jars.The vegetables were grown in a special mold and then carved to look like human-shaped things. I learned a lot about secondary and primary colours. I also liked learning about the gold cupcake. What was your favourite sculpture/piece of artwork?
    Your friend ,Heather

  3. Kate

    Hi Mrs.S!
    I think our trip to the Museum London was a good learning experience. The art we made was something I have never made before. We learned about balance and contrast. I liked looking at the damaged left over food from markets and how people made it into foods that looked like the fruits and vegetables were never damaged. I also liked looking in the Life, Water and Food section. I liked the one sculpture in the water section with a canoe and other water materials. I liked how it wasn’t just a painting and how it was made of materials we know.

  4. calvin,Luca

    Dear Mrs. Sullivan and class
    yesterday was a very interesting and fun day we got to see a lot of very interesting stuff.I had a lot of fun when we were making the art. our leader showed us some really cool stuff. there was a lot of cool stuff that I learned like balance our colours and our amount of stuff and where it went on the page.

  5. Mateo

    The trip to the museum was a great experience. I learned a lot from all the cool paintings there. wait haven’t you seen the cup cake made out of gold and diamonds it must be worth millions

  6. Sam

    I liked making art. I did not like the feeling of the cornstarch and water but it was neat how it worked like glue. I did not give my masterpiece a name. Thank you for planning the trip! from Sam

  7. Gabi

    Dear Mrs. Sullivan and class,
    Yesterday I had a lot of fun at the museum. Our class saw a lot of different styles of art. There was some beautiful art work and sculptures. In our second hour we made a craft out of paper, magazines, watered down paint, markers, and crayons. Everyone’s art looked fantastic.

    Something I enjoyed the most was seeing what you can do with some material and paint. Another thing I enjoyed was the craft, I love to do things hands on. I learned that not all art is on walls


    1. MrsS (Post author)

      Great point, Gabi, about how all art is not always on walls. This is very true. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself on the trip. If found it interesting to hear about the stories behind the art. It made me appreciate the artwork that much more.
      Mrs. S

  8. sojein

    Dear Mrs. S
    I had so much fun at the London Museum. It was very interesting to go and visit.

    I learned a lot of how we waste food in our world. There was very cool art that gives very strong messages. Like there was one that was about water that was about how much water we have, but other people don’t. We have clean water and some others don’t. So the message in that one was not to waste too much water because a lot of others need that clean water.

    The part I enjoyed the most were seeing all the art that people make. I enjoyed that part because I love art. The art the people made were very pretty and interesting.

    The London Museum was really fun. We should go another day.

    Sojein 🙂

  9. kayla

    Dear Bloggers,

    I really liked the Museum because it was really fun. My favourite part of the food, water and life exhibit would have to be water. I found a lot of stuff in the water part of the exhibit really cool. I thought the bike with a bunch of water jugs around it was cool. That was used for transporting water. I also thought the canoe with the water jugs around it was cool. That is used for filtering water. i also thought that the water jug with a bunch of glass bottles around it looked really cool. My group didn’t talk about it though so I don’t know what it was used for.


  10. Ryan V

    Dear Mrs. S
    The museum was tons of fun. I learned that it takes a lot more than 15 min to paint a master piece. My favourite painting was called the kiss, it looked like mountains and trees but if you looked very close it was two people kissing. we did some cool art called mixed media. what was in the vault? was it cool?

  11. Aidan

    Dear Miss Sullivan
    The museum was so cool. I loved all the paintings especially the tree one . I was hoping
    we could see the artifacts like military ones if they had any, but unfortunately we couldn’t. The art was fun too ripping up all the magazines. Overall the museum was good and we had a few laughs and so.


  12. Ashley

    I had a great time at the Museum London. My favorite part was when we made our own art. I also enjoyed looking at the sculptures based on food,water and life.I wonder where we will go next time we go on a field trip?

  13. Emma

    Dear Mrs. Sullivan and class,
    I had lots of fun at the museum. It was a great experience for everyone. It was interesting looking at different artists ideas and styles of art. I really didn’t think about sculptures as a type of art. Do you? As Mrs. Sullivan said there was a section about food, water, and life that was all entirely sculptures. I learned that not all art is made with paper and paint. I also learned that two of the artists there only made sculptures that was about food, water,life and they all worked (one sent a message about clean water and the sculpture actually cleaned water)! The thing I enjoyed most was seeing the different styles of art that the artists did.
    Your classmate Emma.

  14. Noah C

    Dear Mrs. Sulivan
    I really enjoyed or trip to the museum. There were many interesting paintings and sculpture in the museum. One of the sculpture that really stood out was a gold cupcake. It was made out of gold diamonds and many other jewels. I liked how there was a hands on activity because it got us to be able to interact and create something. I hope we get to go again.
    Sincerely your friend/ classmate
    Noah C

  15. ry guy

    Ryan ,
    The museum was real cool. I heard that the minimum prices for some the paintings were 50,000 and some of the paintings were over a million dollars. That is a lot. I wish I got to go down to the vault , it sounded like it was really secure.Some of the paintings were a little weird like the one that was all blue. Did you see that one? What did you guys like most about the museum London? I thought it was real cool!

  16. Nick/Justin

    Dear Mrs. S
    The museum trip was really fun. We saw lots of cool artwork, there was this cupcake that was made out of gold and diamond.We did some cool artwork called mixed media were you had to mix to colors together.the art exhibits were really cool, our favorite painting was a painting called the kiss if you looked at it for a second or 2 it looked like mountains and trees but if you looked really closely it looked like 2 people kissing.Over all the museum trip was really fun. 🙂

  17. Stephenie

    I thought that the trip to the museum was amazing! I loved all the exhibits, and one that stuck out in my mind was a painting in the downstairs gallery called, “The kiss”. But it wasn’t gross or “mushy”, but it was cool and at the same time bizarre. You need to observe it for a few minutes to get it… it was a hidden picture. There was two mountains, and in front of each one was a tree. Below was a grassy field, one half green, one half yellow. In the very front was an odd shape that looked like a domed church, but it was solid red. It turned out that it was actually two faces… kissing. It was more cool than it sounds, and even better if you’d see it.
    To answer Mrs. Sullivan’s question, I truly enjoyed everything. In the studio, I learned how to use contrast. I like the pairing of opposite colours, because it’s more appealing to the eye. My art was in one of the pictures… the one with the hands. Overall, my experience was great and I hope to go again soon.

    What was your favourite part of the museum? If you weren’t there, what was an experience you’ve had at a different museum?

    Your friend,

  18. Marie , Emma

    Hi !
    This is Marie and Emma.This was not are first time going. There where many sculptures there! When we went we made this art, overlapping art we remember seeing this colorful car , it was so cool we hope we go there again! I wonder how old the museum is ?

  19. Danielle

    Dear Mrs.S,
    I had a lot of fun at Museum London and learned a lot from the experience.I learned about mixed media for the first time, saw many interesting art, and learned about different strictures.All the different strictures were about life,water, or food.My favourite art piece was on that looked different from where you looked at it.Like in one way it looked like mountains and fields but from another way it looked like 2 people kissing.

    Thank you for the experience!

    From, Danielle

  20. Patrick

    Dear Mrs. S,
    I had two favorite things that I saw. One, the collage-ish collection of pictures depicting fruit going through its journey from the places they were made in, to our tables and lunch pails. I also liked le petit gateau, which
    was like a metal cupcake with gems and gold all over it. Both took a lot of time and effort by the looks of it. I learned some new vocabulary words such as, contrast, complimentary, teritary, and more. I really liked all of the artwork, and making our own. I would love to go again. (I’m sorry if I used bad english.)
    From, Patrick

  21. Ella

    Hi Mrs. S,
    I love the museum and have been over 15 times! there is always something new to see. My favourite part was the section of the museum was Food, Life, and Water. What was yours?



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