October 25

Science is Eggsellent!

eggToday was the day we finally were able to test our designs for our Egg Drop Experiment. Students have been busy working in their small groups to design and build a protective barrier for their egg.

Problem:    A local sports store “Eggactly Sports” are needing new ideas to help improve their line of protective gear such as helmets. They are looking to young, innovative kids to help design inexpensive protection that could inspire the store to make new gear.

Solution: Design safety equipment that will protect your egg from a drop of at least 1 m.


Last week, students began with a deep discussion around what materials to use to help cushion the egg from the impact of hitting the ground, how many different materials should be used, how to slow the drop of the egg (e.g. making a parachute), and so on.

Here are some of the students building their design. You can see sponges, knee pads, and styrofoam bowls being used:

All of these ideas created the basis for the wonderfully creative designs that each group put to the test today.

Yes, there were a few groups who found a runny mess when they peeked inside their design, while other groups found an intact egg. Either way, congratulations to ALL groups for your creativity, thinking, and for having fun along the way!

We’ll continue our discussion tomorrow and link it back to our unit on Forces.

Egg Drop Experiment from MrsS on Vimeo.


What forces do you think were at play in this Egg Drop Experiment?




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