October 27

Soft Sculpture Pumpkins


              photo by Mrs. Sullivan

Before we stuff ourselves silly with Halloween candy, we stuffed some pantyhose to create plump pumpkins. We made a soft-sculpture decoration–a pumpkin, that won’t rot like real pumpkins. In fact, our sculptures will last for years to come!



  • Each student was asked to bring in 2 pairs of nylons…they could be skin-colour, black, pink, purple, etc.
  • We then stuffed our pantyhose with a fluffy material called fiberfill.
  • We cut the legs off 2 pairs of pantyhose, along with the toes.
  • Next, we arranged the legs on a flat surface, crossing over each other in the center like the spokes of a wheel so that there’d be eight open-ended tubes radiating from the center. We stapled the centre.
  • We stuffed our ‘tubes’ with fiberfill and then gathered up the tubes, holding them together with a rubber band at the base and another at the top. Voila!
  • The last step was painting the pumpkins and the stem.

See below if you’d like to see the instructions visually.










What is your costume for Halloween? Does your family decorate their home?

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