November 15

Where in the World is…

Our class is a class who loves to look at maps, especially our world map. We love to explore it and find out where various countries are. (I think we have some budding world travelers on our hands!)

We first started to review the names of our own country’s provinces & territories and where they are on a map of Canada. It’s important we know the parts of our country that make Canada a great country to live in! We know that we live in the province of Ontario and our neighboring provinces are Manitoba to the West of us, and Quebec to the East of us.


Today we focussed more specifically on continentslarge land masses . Can you name all 7 continents? Check out the video below that gives you an acronym that can help you remember all 7 names.You can also learn a bit more about each continent.

A little catchy rap to help you remember the 7 continents…

Have you ever swam in an ocean? If so, which one? Which ocean or body of water would you really like to swim in if you had the chance?

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