November 24

Revising with Partners

To REVISE means to see again. The prefix re- means again and vise means to see such as in the words vision, visor, visionary.

As we prepare to publish our narratives, we took some time today to read our narratives to a partner. The partner was asked to listen carefully and afterwards offer 2 specific compliments (e.g., I really liked the way you wrote your lead. It was catchy and I could picture what you were saying), and 1 suggestion for a revision (e.g., perhaps add more detail to that paragraph).

Reading our stories in an expressive, storyteller way is helpful to bring our ideas to life, too! Great job everyone for your hard work. It is so important to have ‘fresh eyes’ looking at your work.

There are so many layers to writing that we are learning about this year such as:

  • strategies to generate writing ideas
  • how to add voice to our writing
  • how to craft a lead
  • how to craft an ending without saying “The End” or to be continued…
  • when do you start a paragraph? What is a paragraph?
  • how to add dialogue
  • making our word choices more vivid and complex
  • how to use published authors as our mentors. What did this author do that I can try?

Most times, good writing just doesn’t happen. You work at it, you revise (making it sound better), and you edit (making it look better), and you do it all over again until you feel it’s ready to be published.

What do you find the most challenging when it comes to writing and the writing process?



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