December 12

Let it Snow!

What a beautifully white, snowy sight this morning as we were greeted with a heavy snowfall over night. There wasn’t a shortage of things to do at recess as the snow was the type that allowed you to easily build anything your heart desired!

Buses were cancelled and we missed some of our friends who couldn’t make it in to school today.

Have a look at some of our learning over the past few weeks.

Below, students are working together to sort polygons into various categories. We learned that sometimes, shapes can belong to several categories. For instance, a square is also a parallelogram and a quadrilateral.

Playing with Tangrams is a fun way to learn about geometry. Here, students were asked to put together all 7 Tangram pieces to make a square. We haven’t solved it…yet! We’ll try again tomorrow.

Our first Christmas craft was one inspired by a similar one made by my sister in 1987. Ha! I brought it in to show the students and then we made our own. Students were given a template and they chose a colour of paper (white, green, or red). It was decorated and sparkles were added. Mrs. Sullivan glued on a picture of us on the back and dated it “Christmas 2016”. They will hang beautifully on our Christmas tree in our school foyer until the last day of school. We will take them home and hopefully enjoy it for years to come.

In Social Studies, we’ve been learning about Ontario and the types of jobs one might find in the 3 regions of Ontario (Hudson Bay Lowlands, Great Lakes, Canadian Shield). Students were asked to sort the jobs into one of the 3 regions and explain why they placed that particular job there.


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7 thoughts on “Let it Snow!

  1. Ava f and Justin

    Dear miss Sullivan and your class,
    those Tangrams were very fun but very hard. maybe we can make a new shape like a Tryanlg? we like that we are learning about geometry
    from: your students Ava f and Justin

  2. Taylor

    Dear,Mrs.sullivan class. I loved all of your ornaments your class has made. They are wonderful. I love Christmas its the best time of year. when you do lots of cooking or crafts .keep up the great work.:) have a wonderful Christmas !


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