December 14

Powerful Paragraphs

Ah….the infamous paragraph burger! I’m sure many of us, parents included, have learned about paragraphing in this way. Lately in our class, the students in our class know that a strong paragraph typically has several key ingredients:


The structure of a paragraph remains the same, even from when I went to school.

A paragraph is a group of related sentences about a topic.

The topic sentence, tells us what the paragraph is about. It provides a hint about what the reader will learn.

The body of the paragraph is at least 3-4 sentences that give supporting details about the topic.

The concluding sentence sums up the ideas in the paragraph and mirrors the topic sentence.

In writing workshop today, we collaborated as a class and wrote a paragraph about playing in the snow at recess. We wrote details about building forts, snowmen, catching snowflakes on our tongue, and throwing snowballs (shhh). Next, the students practiced on their own choosing from 3 possible topics: Elf on the Shelf, Christmas Morning, or Christmas Dinner.

We shared our paragraphs with a partner and a few of us shared with the whole class. Mrs. Sullivan reminded us about using juicy vocabulary, too! It was fun to hear of the details we each used in our paragraph. Bravo!


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