April 11

Measure Me This…Measure Me That

As we wrap up our unit on Measurement, it is interesting to be reminded of the fact that there seems to be only 3 countries in the world that have not adopted the metric system. These include the US, Myanmar, and Liberia.

I think it’s time these countries get on board. What do you think?

I’ve been very impressed with how far we’ve come as a class in terms of our confidence in telling the time (analog). Our grade 4s have been using number lines to also calculate elapsed time. Great job everyone! Perimeter (the distance around an object) and Area (the amount of 2D space occupied by an object) have also been topics we’ve been exploring using square tiles, geoboards, and grid paper. Below, you can see students busy putting their measurement knowledge into practice.

If you play this video to the very end, you increase your chances of never forgetting what perimeter is and how to find it!

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