April 16

Celebration of Writing

Writers write. And that’s exactly what our class has been busy doing. On Thursday we celebrated the incredible hard work these students have been putting forth. To see a story go through all the phases of the writing process and be proud of the final product is quite the feat! I can tell how proud my students were by the smiles on their faces and their eagerness to see their stories published into a book and share them with others. Bravo!

Our librarian, Mrs. Allen, is delighted to place our books in the school library temporarily and is eager to show them to our visiting author who comes next Friday. Her name is Andrea Beck. A future blog post will be written about her visit.

Our celebration of writing happened on Thursday complete with a drink and a snack. Our books can go home this Easter weekend to be shared with family (with the promise to bring them back on Tuesday to be placed in the library).


Mrs. Sullivan

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