April 16

Happy Easter!

On Holy Thursday, staff and students gathered in the gym to participate in the Stations of the Cross performed by Mrs. Hollis’ class. It was a beautiful presentation. Thank you, Mrs. Hollis.

Today is Sunday, the day of the Lord’s resurrection. Lent is now over and we celebrate with food, family, and perhaps some chocolate 🙂

Many people around the world have customs or traditions at Easter time such as decorating eggs, making bread (in my family we make Babka), buying Easter Lily flowers, and many more.

How does your family celebrate Easter?

However you do, I wish you and yours a happy, holy, and blessed Easter.

Mrs. Sullivan

Here is one of our students celebrating Easter.  Here we see him at the Greek Orthodox Easter service where they light candles and sing “Christ is Risen!”

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3 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Kris

    We get up and have an egg hunt. We go to church. We also go to our cousin’s house and have dinner. We sleep there and go home on Easter Monday.

  2. Emily B

    My family celebrates Easter by going to church together and having dinner together. The Easter bunny comes and leaves us eggs with treats. This weekend my family came to London and I got to play outside with my cousins. It was very nice outside this weekend.

  3. Avery Jones

    Our family does an Easter egg hunt at grandma and grandpa’s house with our cousins in Strathroy! My dad and my uncle hide the eggs all over the house for the kids to find. We take lots of pictures and eat lots of chocolate!


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