September 29

Making Terry Proud

Who was Terry Fox? If you are visiting from another part of the world besides Canada, you may not know who this famous Canadian was.

Terry Fox was a Canadian athlete, humanitarian, and quite simply, a hero. He had lost his leg to cancer when he was 18. He decided to try and run across Canada to raise a million dollars for cancer research. He ran about a marathon every day for 143 days beginning in 1980.

Unfortunately, Terry didn’t quite finish his Marathon of Hope, as he called it, as the cancer had spread and he passed away on June 28, 1981. In his words, he said,

It’s got to keep going without me.

And that’s exactly what we did this week at our own school, and at schools and cities around the world. We celebrate Terry’s legacy and continue to run and raise funds for cancer research.

Who do you run for?

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1 thoughts on “Making Terry Proud

  1. Eva

    Dear Mrs Sullivan, you’re my best teacher. It looks like this year it is going to be good. I am sad for Terry Fox.



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