December 17

Mira, Mira on the Wall…

As part of our 2D geometry unit, we’ve been learning about symmetry. We’ve been challenged with determining if various shapes such as a parallelogram, 5-pointed star, square, rectangle, pentagon, have lines of symmetry. If so, how many?

Line symmetry occurs when you can flip or reflect one half of an image onto itself and it fits exactly. We see a lot of symmetry in nature, too! Have a look at these images and see if you can find symmetry within them:

There are different kinds of symmetry, but in grade 3 we look specifically at line symmetry. As students move into older grades, they will look at rotational symmetry, too.

One of the tools we can use to help us check for line symmetry is a Mira. Check out the students below investigating symmetry during independent work.

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