January 18


     One of my favorite things to do is TRAVEL because I like to see different things and I like the plane ride and visiting beaches.  My family goes to a lot of places. Most of the time we go to cities in Canada and some in the USA and also cities in Florida. We recently went to Disney, too!

      For my blog I am going to talk about my vacation in Mexico! We went because my uncle was getting married! If he was not we would not have went. My uncle is my dad’s brother. We stayed for 1 week from Mon. Oct.23rd to Oct.30th. We love our new aunt and uncle so much for taking us on this vacation. Most of my family including me is Greek, but my uncle married a Filipino lady. They like to travel and have been all over the world.  One day I would like to do the same too– travel all over the world.

by: E.B.


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1 thoughts on “I LIKE TO TRAVEL TOO!

  1. MrsS (Post author)

    Dear E.B.,
    Wow, what an exciting adventure you had in Mexico. The colours in some of the photos are outstanding! I can only imagine what it looked like in real life! It looks like you had a lot of fun and created a lot of memories.
    Mrs. Sullivan


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