February 9

The Winter Olympics Have Begun!

The Olympics is a wonderful way to bring together culture and competition in an entertaining, fun, and engaging way. It celebrates athletes who have trained for years to share their gifts. It is exciting just to be a spectator from afar!

At 6 a.m. our time, the Winter Olympics had officially begun with figure-skaters Tessa Virture from London, Ontario and Scott Moir from Ilderton, Ontario representing Canada as our flag bearers. Go Canada!

The host city this time is Pyeongchang, South Korea. In class, we used Google Earth to find this destination and check out what it looks like. We even traced the journey of where the Olympic torch started in Greece and how it arrived in Korea.

Here is a fun video we watched in class today that introduces all of the events at the Winter Olympics using their mascot, Soohorang. Have a look:

What is the mascot?

The 2018 mascot is a white tiger named Soohorang. The tiger is “closely associated with Korean mythology and culture” and is a “familiar figure in Korean folk tales as a symbol of trust, strength and protection,” according to the Games website.
Here is a great kid-friendly website to check out full of videos, games, and information about the events
Do you have a favourite Winter Olympics sport?
Is there an athlete you are cheering for?
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6 thoughts on “The Winter Olympics Have Begun!

  1. Reese

    Dear Mrs. Sullivan I love the Olympics! I think our class should watch the Olympics every day we’re at school! Go Canada 🇨🇦 My favourite sport to watch is figure skating.

    1. MrsS (Post author)

      Hi Reese,
      I love watching figure skating, too. I grew up in a household where figure skating was a must-watch event. My grandmother was a very good figure skater when she was young. Even into her 90s she loved to watch the professionals dance on ice.
      Mrs. S

  2. Alisa Hwang

    Oh I’m so happy to see a post about olympics in this site!
    I’m Korean so I am very excited about the games! I am cheering for the ice hockey athletes. Yes, I know Korea isn’t great at it, However this is the first ice hockey game that North and South Korea is playing on a same team. It will be a great time for all of the Corea(North/South Korea) athletes 🙂
    I hope Canada does well on the olympics too!


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