February 10

My Winning Routine

My favorite sport is cheer! In these pictures I win first place! Some pictures have me in the air with only one person holding me. I am not a top but I am a base and that means I hold the top person up. Both me and my  sister do cheer. We just love it! I go to Royals and my sister does Sharks. Some day I want to go to Sharks. I`m hoping I get to go when my birthday passes. Royals is not that bad but I REALLY WANT TO BE A SHARK!

by: A.S

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Posted February 10, 2018 by MrsS in category 2017-2018, Student Blogger of the Week

3 thoughts on “My Winning Routine

  1. MrsS (Post author)

    Dear A.S.,
    You’ve done a lovely job on your blog post! I enjoyed reading about your love of Cheer. When did you start doing Cheer? What do you like best about being a base? Would you rather be a top?
    Mrs. Sullivan


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