April 23


Last week, students were busily gathering research on a plant of their choice.

Some of the plants students were interested in learning more about included:

  • kelp
  • seaweed
  • sunflowers
  • tulips
  • pitcher plant
  • venus flytrap
  • basil
  • cactus

Students used the search engine called Kiddle to gather their information. Next, we used the app called Book Creator to design a digital poster to teach others about their plant. Below you can see some examples of their finished projects.

Students are presenting their work and will continue presentations on Tuesday.

Bravo, Grade 3s!


What is a plant you want to learn more about?

Tell us why in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “#plants

  1. Malia

    Dear Mrs. Sullivan,

    I had a lot of fun learning about a plant. I learned about aloe vera. I had a lot of fun showing it to the class. I hope we can do something like that again.



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