April 26

Happy Grandparents Day!

It was such a special treat for the students at our school to have their grandparents come and visit and share in the learning of their grandchild.

Short presentations in the gym and time spent in the classroom and around the school was met with enthusiasm and smiles. Thank you to those who could come.

If a grandparent couldn’t come, you were with us in spirit! Until next year…

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Posted April 26, 2018 by MrsS in category 2017-2018, Teacher Talk

3 thoughts on “Happy Grandparents Day!

  1. Emme

    Dear Mrs. Sullivan
    I loved the ideas for grandparents day. I liked all the fun and interesting things
    You set up.


  2. Evangelos

    Dear Mrs.Sullivan,
    I loved grandparents day it was so fun and all the snacks in the gym!


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