April 26

The Champions League

Today I am telling you about the Champions League.The UEFA Champions League is an annual continental  club football competition organized by the Union of the European football Associations and contested by top division European clubs.

32 teams start in the season. There are 8 groups and 4 teams in each group. Right now their are 4 teams left for the semi finals and they are Liverpool Roma FC Bayern and real Madrid. Liverpool will play Roma and FC Bayern will play Real Madrid and whoever wins will make the Finals. I think FC Bayern will play Real Madrid.

Who do you think will make the finals?

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10 thoughts on “The Champions League

  1. Brendan

    Dear David,
    I think Real Madrid will beat Liverpool because Real Madrid beat FC Bayern and FC Bayern is better than Liverpool so Real Madrid is going to win.The best player in the world is on Real Madrid witch is Ronaldo is awesome so bye.

  2. David


    Good guess for making FC Bayern Munich to win but they didn’t I wanted them to win to that’s frustrating.Now who will you cheer for now.

  3. David


    Really good guess Real Madrid beat FC Bayern Munich all you need is Liverpool to win and they will probably win so nice guess.


  4. Emme

    Dear David ,
    IThat was a great idea for the blog. I liked to learn about soccer. But even if I don’t like soccer
    I liked the blog idea of soccer.



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