October 13

A Boy Called Bat Vlog #2

As you know in our class, we are reading the Global Read Aloud book called A Boy Called Bat. Here is the second video from Elana K. Arnold, the author. Perhaps she has now answered some of the question you may have been thinking about.

I’ve also included a super cute baby skunk video I found on Youtube. What questions do you have about skunks?

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Posted October 13, 2018 by MrsS in category Reading Workshop

2 thoughts on “A Boy Called Bat Vlog #2

  1. Anna/Joseph

    Dear Mrs.Sullivan,
    We like the baby skunk video.We have a question for the author.Our question is is Janie going to be nice to bat? We have a lot of questions for the author. Another question is will the mom let bat keep the skunk? Are we going to read book 2 and 3 of a boy called bat? That’s all have a good rest of your day.
    From Anna and Joseph

  2. Grade 3 Class

    Dear Mrs Sullivan,
    we are enjoying the book called A Boy Called Bat because a boy became connected to a skunk which is an unusual pet. Some of our questions about skunks are:Why are skunks pink when they are first born? Why are skunks born without fur? Why did Janie name the skunk Thor? Why do skunks have black and white fur? When do baby skunks first open their eyes?
    From our Gr. 3 Class


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