January 1

Happy New Year!

For thousands of years, people have celebrated the start of a new year. In most countries, the start of the new year is on Jan. 1. In some other countries, including Thailand, it is celebrated at a completely different time. When I lived in Bangkok, I loved participating in their new year called Songkran which is in mid April. You say “Sawadee PeeMai” for Happy New Year. It’s a lot of fun because everyone soaks each other with water! No kidding! If you’re walking on the sidewalks downtown, there are people driving by sitting in the back of pick up trucks spraying you with water guns! The water is meant to symbolize the washing away of bad luck.

However you celebrate your new year, have a happy one! Perhaps you have a tradition or custom in how you ring in the new year. I came across this idea below and thought it would be nice to share it with you all today.

Cheers to a beautiful and healthy 2019!

Mrs. Sullivan

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1 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Stef

    We have already started our “2019 Jar!”
    Happy New Year Mrs.Sullivan🥳
    We hope this year is filled with lots of love and laughter!

    The Cheeseman’s


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