January 21

Find Your Magic

On Monday, students in our school were entertained by the wonderful Brent and Sarah. The pair are a husband and wife team of magicians who used interactive magic, humour, and storytelling to educate the students about the effects of bullying.

They shared personal stories of times in their lives when they were teased or bullied and gave tips on how to conquer situations similar to theirs.

The duo delivered their four “Secrets of Magic” which were: Anything is Possible, Believe in Yourself, You’re Not Alone and Find Your Magic. Each student was given a “Find Your Magic” postcard with the four secrets and a fill-in-the-blanks activity.

After the assembly, hopefully the students were not only to take away the postcard, but also the lessons that went along with the presentation which involved empathy, building self-confidence, inclusiveness, and finding your ‘magic’.

Click here to see some magic tricks you can learn straight from Brent and Sarah!


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