January 29

Winter Skiing

I love skiing. Skiing is one of my favorite winter sports.I go skiing every Tuesday with my cousins at Boler Mountain. It is fun going fast down the hill  and I love to be in the snow. I love it when  I go on the ski lift and when I look below there are a bunch of people skiing down the hill.skiing is also amazing exercise for you. If you don’t ski,I highly recommend it.

Written by: A.J.

Do you know how to ski?

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11 thoughts on “Winter Skiing

  1. Lola .f

    Dear A.J
    I love skiing too! I also go skiing at Boler and my favourite hill is black diamond because I love when it drops down! I agree with you that winter skiing is a great sport! Great job on your post!

    1. Anna

      Dear L.F,
      My favourite hill would be Reds Run because when you get close to the end you get to see people on B Trail. Maybe we could ski together some time. Thanks for commenting!
      Love, A.J

  2. Zoë

    Dear A.J.
    I love skiing too. In fact, it is one of my favourite winter sports. Two weeks ago I went to Blue Mountain. I am going to Whistler in two weeks and I am so excited.
    Love Zoë

  3. Amanda M.F.

    Dear A.J.,
    Skiing looks fun. I hope that I get to try it one day.I love winter sport specially skiing. I hope that I learn it well so that I can go down Boler Mountain.
    Love J.F.

  4. Joseph

    Dear A,
    I really like how you put it is amazing exercise.And to answer your question i do know how to ski.Good topic!!!

  5. Cristiano

    Thats cool. Do you go tubing at Boler Mountain as well? After you are done skiing do you get hot chocolate with your cousins?

  6. B

    Dear A.J
    I love skiing too. I agree it is a good exercise for you. Skiing is one of my favourite sports.
    My mom takes me skiing. Not as much now because it is really cold. I ski at Boler too. It is a fun place to ski at Boler Mountain.

  7. O.R

    Dear A.J.,
    Wow I love skiing to its my favourite winter sport. I haven’t got a chance to hit the slopes. My favourite ski hill is black diamond.Love o.r

  8. MrsS (Post author)

    Dear A.J.,
    What a fun sport skiing is! What is your favourite ski slope at Boler? When I was your age, my dad would take me skiing at Boler. I don’t ski so much anymore but I do still like the sport! I’d love to go skiing in the Swiss Alps one day.
    Mrs. Sullivan


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