February 21

Coming to Canada

I came to Canada on February 5th, 2015.The person on the far right is my Aunt Nahrin who came to Canada 2 years before us and she helped us get to Canada from Syria. What surprised me the most was the harsh weather because where I came from it was not as cold. Also the nicest thing I realized was that Canadians were very polite and caring.Now I love Canada.

What do you like the most about Canada?




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5 thoughts on “Coming to Canada

  1. Anna

    Dear J.O,
    My most favourite thing about Canada is that we have all 4 seasons and that we have a lot of fun things to do. The other thing I love most about Canada is that Canada is a very safe country.

    Sincerely, Anna

  2. MrsS (Post author)

    Dear J.O.,
    We are so glad you moved here! What do you miss about Syria? What is your favourite thing about Canada? Great job on writing your post!
    Mrs. Sullivan 🙂

    1. Joseph

      Dear Mrs.S,
      To answer your question what I miss about Syria is all my friends.Also I really want war to END badly because in Syria the amount of war was incredible.

  3. O.R

    Dear j.o
    my favourite thing about canada is that it is a safe and big country.and I think many people come to canada for those reasons

  4. B

    Dear J.O.
    I like Canada too. Canada is fun place to be. What I like about Canada the most is…
    the TREES and FORESTs and all the LIVING CREATURES!


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