March 5

Mystery Reader Revealed…

 Last week, we had a very special guest visit our class in the role of Mystery Reader. It was…Mr. Cocurullo! He carefully selected his choice of book which was the Shel Silverstein classic The Giving Tree. There was such wonderful thinking involved during and after the reading. Students observed the simplicity of the illustrations and noticed that the tree was referred to as a “she”. They also discussed some of the messages that Shel may have been trying to impart including:

  • sometimes those that have the least to give, end of giving the most
  • the importance of giving and that when we give to others, we get back so much in return

Thank you, Mr. C, for taking the time to read to us!

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1 thoughts on “Mystery Reader Revealed…

  1. Mason

    I was so happy that Mr. Cocurullo came and read to us🙂
    I also enjoyed the book he read.
    The book told an important lesson about being kind.
    Being kind is so important!!


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