April 11

Measure Me This…Measure Me That

As we wrap up our unit on Measurement, it is interesting to be reminded of the fact that there seems to be only 3 countries in the world that have not adopted the metric system. These include the US, Myanmar, and Liberia.

I think it’s time these countries get on board. What do you think?

I’ve been very impressed with how far we’ve come as a class in terms of our confidence in telling the time (analog). Our grade 4s have been using number lines to also calculate elapsed time. Great job everyone! Perimeter (the distance around an object) and Area (the amount of 2D space occupied by an object) have also been topics we’ve been exploring using square tiles, geoboards, and grid paper. Below, you can see students busy putting their measurement knowledge into practice.

If you play this video to the very end, you increase your chances of never forgetting what perimeter is and how to find it!

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April 7

Way to Go Mathletes!

There are several students who are deserving of recognition this week. In no particular order…

Congratulations to Domenic for achieving our 2nd silver certificate in the class! Way to go! To earn his first silver, Domenic earned 5 bronze certificates.


Congratulations to Joseph for achieving a total of 4 certificates so far. He is one certificate away from earning his first silver. Wow!


Luca P. has also earned a total of 4 certificates and is one away from his first silver. Be very proud! Congratulations.


Cassie has earned a total of 4 bronze certificates and her next bronze bumps her up to a silver. Keep working hard, Cassie! Way to go!


Can you believe it? We have yet another student super close to earning her first silver…Ava Y! Fantastic job.


Who will earn our 3rd silver certificate?

Keep up the terrific work, everybody!



March 6

Mathlete of the Week

Ok…so this is a few days late, but today we give a special shout out to our very first silver certificate winner….

Elliott! She has earned the first silver certificate in the class by earning a total of 5 bronze certificates. Elliott works hard to practice regularly and earns points for every correct answer. Let’s giver her a round of applause!


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February 28

You Batter Believe It!

Today was Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Tuesday or Mardi Gras. Shrove Tuesday always falls on the day before Ash Wednesday when Lent begins. It comes from the old custom of using up all the fattening ingredients such as eggs, milk and oil in the pantry so that people were ready to fast during Lent. So, why not make pancakes with those ingredients? All classes in our school today celebrated by either making pancakes or having them provided. Thanks to all the parents who helped make this happen for our students! They were scrumptious.

In multiplication, we are learning not only about single digit multiplication as in 8×5, but also double-digit by single digit such as 45 x 3.  We understand that multiplication is repeated addition and we’ve been learning how to represent the numbers using addition sentences as well as multiplication sentences.

5 x 4 = 20      or     4+4+4+4+4 = 20

In the pictures below we were building arrays using square tiles to represent a number, such as 20. We discovered that there are sometimes more than one way to build an array to represent a number.

For instance, we learned that 20 can be built in rows and columns as in:

1 x 20

2 x 10

4 x 5

Students will continue to build on this foundation in the upcoming grades as they learn about prime and composite numbers.

In our class, the students are asked to know their times tables up to the 9s…especially our grade 4s! However, I know many of our grade 3s are up for the challenge, too!


February 18

Mathletes of the Week

Congratulations to our superstar mathletes this week…

Gregory joined our class only recently and has already earned a Bronze certificate! Way to go!


Elliott has now earned a total of 4 Bronze certificates and is edging closer to her first Silver! She is called a Junior Giant in Level 2 Live Mathletics at 89% accuracy.

You should be proud of yourselves for all your hard work. Keep up the terrific work everyone!

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February 16

Introduction to Multiplication

Today we launched into our unit in multiplication. We began with a brainstorm of words we thought were associated with multiplication. Can you think of more she should add to our chart?

Here is a nice video showing how multiplication and addition are related. In our notebooks, we continued the pattern of stars in groups all the way up to 10 groups of 3. Have a look:


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February 12

Subtraction Strategy: Adding Up

Here is one of our students providing a tutorial on a subtraction strategy called Adding Up. Some students prefer to add up to a number rather than subtracting back because they feel more comfortable with adding. What do you think?

What strategy do you like to use? Why do you like it?

Have a listen:

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February 10

SuperStar Mathletes This Week

Nicole has earned 2 Bronze certificates so far! She is a Junior Giant in Level 1 Live Mathletics. She has earned 2158 correct answers and played 101 games with 98% accuracy! Superb.


Luca F has earned 1438 correct answers on Live Mathletics and is officially a Junior Giant! Keep working hard Luca!


Emily has earned 1771 Live Mathletics points at 94% accuracy and is also a Junior Giant!

Congratulations Mathletes. Keep working hard to earn those certificates.


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February 8

Subtraction Strategies

We know that subtraction is taking away from a number. Sometimes it can be tricky when there are zeros involved. Here is quick tutorial video showing one strategy for subtracting when the neighbor is a zero.


A second strategy we looked at is a traditional algorithm that many people are familiar with. Have a look below to understand how to regroup numbers and borrow from other place values in order to subtract.

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February 3

SuperStar Mathletes of the Week

A big congratulations to Elliott, Cole, and Youssef this week. You are all Mathletes!

Elliott has 2 Bronze certificates so far and has earned herself the nickname “Speed Demon” on Live Mathletics. She has achieved 2046 correct answers on Level 1 and played a total of 69 games with 99% accuracy. Wow!

Youssef has also earned 2 Bronze certificates and is considered a “Junior Giant” in the first 3 levels of Live Mathletics. In Level 3, Youssef has answered 241 questions with 85% accuracy. Super work!

Cole earned his very first Bronze certificate this month! In Level 1 Live Mathletics, Cole is a “Speed Demon”! He has played 28 games with 98% accuracy. Wow!


Keep working hard, team! I wonder who will earn the first silver certificate?