February 18

Mathletes of the Week

Congratulations to our superstar mathletes this week…

Gregory joined our class only recently and has already earned a Bronze certificate! Way to go!


Elliott has now earned a total of 4 Bronze certificates and is edging closer to her first Silver! She is called a Junior Giant in Level 2 Live Mathletics at 89% accuracy.

You should be proud of yourselves for all your hard work. Keep up the terrific work everyone!

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February 16

Introduction to Multiplication

Today we launched into our unit in multiplication. We began with a brainstorm of words we thought were associated with multiplication. Can you think of more she should add to our chart?

Here is a nice video showing how multiplication and addition are related. In our notebooks, we continued the pattern of stars in groups all the way up to 10 groups of 3. Have a look:


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February 12

Subtraction Strategy: Adding Up

Here is one of our students providing a tutorial on a subtraction strategy called Adding Up. Some students prefer to add up to a number rather than subtracting back because they feel more comfortable with adding. What do you think?

What strategy do you like to use? Why do you like it?

Have a listen:

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February 10

SuperStar Mathletes This Week

Nicole has earned 2 Bronze certificates so far! She is a Junior Giant in Level 1 Live Mathletics. She has earned 2158 correct answers and played 101 games with 98% accuracy! Superb.


Luca F has earned 1438 correct answers on Live Mathletics and is officially a Junior Giant! Keep working hard Luca!


Emily has earned 1771 Live Mathletics points at 94% accuracy and is also a Junior Giant!

Congratulations Mathletes. Keep working hard to earn those certificates.


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February 8

Subtraction Strategies

We know that subtraction is taking away from a number. Sometimes it can be tricky when there are zeros involved. Here is quick tutorial video showing one strategy for subtracting when the neighbor is a zero.


A second strategy we looked at is a traditional algorithm that many people are familiar with. Have a look below to understand how to regroup numbers and borrow from other place values in order to subtract.

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February 3

SuperStar Mathletes of the Week

A big congratulations to Elliott, Cole, and Youssef this week. You are all Mathletes!

Elliott has 2 Bronze certificates so far and has earned herself the nickname “Speed Demon” on Live Mathletics. She has achieved 2046 correct answers on Level 1 and played a total of 69 games with 99% accuracy. Wow!

Youssef has also earned 2 Bronze certificates and is considered a “Junior Giant” in the first 3 levels of Live Mathletics. In Level 3, Youssef has answered 241 questions with 85% accuracy. Super work!

Cole earned his very first Bronze certificate this month! In Level 1 Live Mathletics, Cole is a “Speed Demon”! He has played 28 games with 98% accuracy. Wow!


Keep working hard, team! I wonder who will earn the first silver certificate?



January 27

SuperStar Mathletes of the Week

A big congratulations to our new SuperStar Mathletes. Each week, we celebrate accomplishments and give special recognition to students who really shine.

Luca P. is a Mathlete! He has achieved (at last count) 2949 Live Mathletics points in the level 2 category with 92% accuracy! That’s 180 games played. Wow!


Joseph has earned a whopping 5810 participation points and has earned 2 Bronze certificates. He’s inching closing towards a silver!

Way to go! Keep up the great work, Grade 3 and 4s.

Parents, don’t forget that you if you don’t have a Parent Registration already, you can sign up here using the details of your child’s account: http://www.mathletics.com.au/parent/
You’ll then have access to view your his/her progress and results, including both weekly points summary, certificates earned and a tally of total points accumulated.

How to Play Live Mathletics

Choose your level. You can play the computer or choose Find Me a Game to play against other Mathletes.

Place the cursor over the the level tabs to see what type of questions you could be asked.

Try to choose the right level for you – look out for Bonus Points! You could earn double points if you challenge yourself!

Your goal is to improve your ranking. Your ranking is based on your recent average.

There are five different rankings to achieve: Raging Rookie, Junior Giant, Speed Demon, Almost Einstein and Human Calculator.

After you have picked your level, Mathletics will find other Mathletes for you to compete against (unless you have selected the Computer). It is possible that you might get to play the computer if there is not a good match with another Mathlete available.

The game engine selects games based on competing Mathlete’s recent averages, so the race is as fair as possible.

One game lasts 60 seconds and you have to answer as many questions correctly as you can.

You are racing against the clock, your recent average and the other Mathletes. The other Mathletes you play against will have the same ranking as you.

Be careful! 3 mistakes and you’ll strike out! If you Strike Out it will change your average and you may go down a level in your ranking.

Keep an eye out for the red line – this represents your Personal Best score.If you can beat this – you earn bonus credits for your Mathlete!

How Do Students Earn Certificates?

20 consistent weeks of work = 1 Gold Certificate

Certificates are granted when a student earns 1000 points or more within one week. This encourages students to complete a healthy amount of work each week and rewards students for every week they practice. Students initially earn a Bronze Certificate, then a Silver Certificate once five Bronzes have been earned. With four Silver Certificates, a student then receives the much-coveted Gold Certificate, demonstrating their long-term commitment and developing ability.

January 22

Addition Strategies

This past week, students in our class have been learning to be flexible problem solvers. We’ve learned 5 different strategies for adding numbers. Some strategies are faster than others, and other strategies are easier to explain. Knowing a second strategy is helpful because it can help us to check our answer.

Listen to one of our classmates give a tutorial in how to add using the strategy that involves no regrouping. Have a listen…


January 20

SuperStar Mathletes of the Week

Starting today (Friday), our class is going to celebrate the dedication and hard work that our students put forth in using Mathletics. This online math tool helps us practice computation and improves our math fluency, especially when we use LIVE Mathletics. We love competing with one another and even with students from around the globe!  If you’ve never heard of it before, click here to find out more!

Today we celebrate the participation of Cassie, Ava Y, and Vanessa on Mathletics!

Cassie has worked hard to achieve a total of 8437 points, earning herself 3 Bronze certificates.


Ava Y. has achieved a total of 8677 points, also earning 3 Bronze certificates.



Another SuperStar is Vanessa who has earned a total of 2078 points on LIVE Mathletics with 95% accuracy. Wow! (In Live Mathletics, one point is awarded for every correct answer given).

Congratulations to all of you!

How do I earn certificates?

A certificate is awarded to a student once they have earned 1000 points in a single week. Only one certificate is awarded each week, to help encourage sustained study by the student. Points are awarded across Mathletics in a number of ways…

  • Live Mathletics – students earn one point per correct answer
  • Live Mathletics – students earn two points per correct answers on their bonus level (indicated by a gold star next to the level number)
  • Mathletics curriculum – 10 points per correct answer within individual activities
  • Mathletics curriculum – 20 points per correct answer within a “Test”

Keep working hard Grade 3/4s!

Stay tuned next Friday to hear about more SuperStar Mathletes from our class.