April 6

Zumba…say what?

That’s right. Zumba. If you’ve never experienced it, Zumba is a dance-based exercise program that gets your heart pumping. We had the joy today of experiencing Zumba for ourselves thanks to 2 instructors from Movati Club.

We had 30 minutes of upbeat music and even got to use drum sticks as part of our activity. What fun!

Have you ever tried Zumba before? What do you think?



February 19

Jumping for Gymnastics

Our class loves to explore the various gymnastics equipment each week. We seem to especially love the ropes station. There are typically 8 or 9 stations set up around the gym with varying pieces of equipment from box horses to storming planks to balance beams and so on. We work with different people each week and explore the equipment…under, over, between, around, up, down. We are asked to incorporate certain elements of gymnastics in how we explore as well. For instance, we may be asked to incorporate at least one type of balance while working on the equipment, or incorporate a locomotive movement such as galloping, skipping, step-kicking, etc.

We always focus on safety as the most important aspect of gymnastics and this includes what we wear, how we behave, being aware of others around us, and how we safely use the equipment.

Sometimes we prepare a short presentation for our peers and demonstrate our creativity and skills for one another. We really enjoy performing for others. It makes us feel proud when we receive applause from our peers.

Our next gym class can’t come soon enough!

January 26

Totally Tubular Tubing!

We all had a lot of fun on a physical education adventure in St.Mary’s, Ontario. Many of us have been to River Valley Tubing, but this was my first time! Luckily the weather cooperated and we even had some snow falling from the sky off and on throughout the day. The sun made an attempt to come out, but it was mostly overcast. Regardless, we had a blast!

I tried to capture as many of you on camera as I could. I’m sorry if I missed you.

October 27

“Did You Say It’s Gym Time?”

Let’s face it–students LOVE gym time.There’s so many activities to choose from. We learn cooperative games, organized sports, how to be a team player, how to strategize, raise our heart rate, and so much more!

Have you ever used a KIN Ball? KIN ball is an actual start that began in Quebec. Go Canada! In our class, we use the ball in a variety of ways. It’s a lot of fun! In this particular gym class we played a few games including Railroad, Indiana Jones, and Keep It Up.


In these first video below, we’re playing a fun game called Bench Ball. In the second video, two of our students try to explain how the game works. Have a look & listen:

Bench Ball from MrsS on Vimeo.

Bench Ball Explanation from MrsS on Vimeo.


What’s your favourite physical education activity?

October 6

Cross Country

img_0951I don’t think anyone can disagree that the weather we had today was wonderful and warm for the cross country race. We laced up our shoes, took some gulps of water, and waited to be summoned to the starting line. Eleven year olds, ten year olds, then it was us! We squealed with excitement when we were called and off we went to the starting line. Mr. Babington gave us instructions at the starting line and when the cap gun went off, so were we.

Take a look at the girls at the start of their race.

Mrs. Sullivan reminded us that it doesn’t matter what number we placed, what matters most is that we put forth our best effort, nothing more, nothing less. The certificates go home on Friday.

Way to go! You should be proud of your efforts today.

What was something you really liked about today’s race?



September 22

Happy Long Weekend!

It may be a short week, but we’ve been busy learning and having fun in our classroom.

img_5958Our mini cross-country meet took place at our school and the students embraced the challenge, the weather was beautiful, and all students had a successful experience. A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Lucier and Mr. Gallo for quickly adapting our school ground into a special course for our students. They even arranged to have awards for those who placed first.

Congratulations to everyone for their efforts.

Today we met our music teacher, Mr. Morson who is already working hard to learn our names and get to know us.

Learning about sentences and creating ‘team names’ for our table groupings were just a few of the things we did in the afternoon.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs. Sullivan

May 3

Dance Fest 2016

Blue Jays, Lions, Tigers, Pandas, Zebras, Parrots…unite! Welcome to the jungle everyone! Our class today participated in the annual Dance Fest and the students did a fantastic job! They should all be proud of their accomplishments and enjoy a relaxing break…until next year.

Our theme was Lion King and the song we used was Circle of Life-the remix. Have a look at our performance below. Way to go Grade 6s!

November 3


Mrs. M from our school board came to visit our class on Monday and taught us about the competitive game of Tchoukball.



The great thing about the game is that you’re not allowed to block or get in the way of the ball. It’s a game that takes good thinking and strategy. If you can catch and throw a ball, then you can play this game!

In Tchoukball, you can score a point for your team on either Tchouck (or rebounder). In other words, there are no specific “sides” you must score on, as is the case with soccer or basketball.

Have a look at this instructional video that goes over the key rules.

Have you ever played Tchoukball before?

October 28

Bootcamp 101

In a recent gym class, we certainly got our heart rates up, up, UP!

Have you ever done a bootcamp-style gym class before? The gym was set up in stations such as hula hoops, skipping ropes, running in a zig-zag, push-ups/tricep dips, step-ups, crunches/sit-ups. We cranked the tunes and rotated through each station after a few minutes at each one. We took our heart rates before and after and there was most certainly a big difference! Getting your heart rate up is great for your overall health. Check out this short article on Why Exercise is Cool.


IMG_4831 IMG_4832 IMG_4834 IMG_4835

What is your favourite heart-pumping activity?