October 15

Benchball and Other Class Happenings

Benchball is a fun, invigorating game which involves 2 teams whose goal it is to have all of their team standing on the bench by the end of the game.

One person from each team is chosen to begin on the bench opposite of the playing ‘field’. This person’s job is to catch the ball. If the ball is caught, the team member who threw it can join him/her on the bench. If you step off the bench, you must go back onto your side and try again. Collaboration and plenty of team effort helps teams to succeed!

Have a look below at a game nearing the end of the match.

There’s always a lot going on in our Gr.3 classroom. Have a look below and see some of the things we’ve been up to!

October 6

In All Things, Give Thanks

First of all, I want to say publicly how proud I am of our Grade 3s for putting on a beautiful Mass on Thursday. I could tell Father John was proud, too. Many staff were so impressed with the maturity and professionalism that the students showed. Wow! Congratulations, Grade 3s!

Thanksgiving is here and we take the time to gather with family and celebrate all that we have. There is much to be thankful for, that’s for sure.

The students in our class are blessed in so many ways. Have a listen to some of the things they are thankful for:


How will you spend Thanksgiving?

What are you thankful for?

Share your thoughts by commenting on this post!



April 16

Happy Easter!

On Holy Thursday, staff and students gathered in the gym to participate in the Stations of the Cross performed by Mrs. Hollis’ class. It was a beautiful presentation. Thank you, Mrs. Hollis.

Today is Sunday, the day of the Lord’s resurrection. Lent is now over and we celebrate with food, family, and perhaps some chocolate 🙂

Many people around the world have customs or traditions at Easter time such as decorating eggs, making bread (in my family we make Babka), buying Easter Lily flowers, and many more.

How does your family celebrate Easter?

However you do, I wish you and yours a happy, holy, and blessed Easter.

Mrs. Sullivan

Here is one of our students celebrating Easter.  Here we see him at the Greek Orthodox Easter service where they light candles and sing “Christ is Risen!”

March 1

A Season of Spiritual Preparation

Today is Ash Wednesday which marks the first day of Lent. Yesterday, Father John invited us to gather outside to witness the burning of last year’s palm leaves–leftover from Palm Sunday. Today, we wear the ashes on our foreheads as a visual symbol of penance, reminding us that we are sinners and we are asked to repent which means to turn away from sin. We heard the words, “Repent and believe in the Gospel”.

Lent is a season of reflection and preparation for Easter–Jesus’ death and resurrection. During the 40 days of Lent we are called to sacrifice. This is meant to mirror Jesus’ sacrifice and withdrawal into the desert for 40 days.

  • We are asked to pray perhaps before bedtime and in the morning, or pray the rosary;
  • We are asked to fast or give up something such as watching TV or playing video games;
  • We are asked to give alms which means to help those who have less than us such as give to the Food Bank, donate used clothing, or even give our time like volunteering.

How will you prepare for Easter during this season of Lent?

February 28

You Batter Believe It!

Today was Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Tuesday or Mardi Gras. Shrove Tuesday always falls on the day before Ash Wednesday when Lent begins. It comes from the old custom of using up all the fattening ingredients such as eggs, milk and oil in the pantry so that people were ready to fast during Lent. So, why not make pancakes with those ingredients? All classes in our school today celebrated by either making pancakes or having them provided. Thanks to all the parents who helped make this happen for our students! They were scrumptious.

In multiplication, we are learning not only about single digit multiplication as in 8×5, but also double-digit by single digit such as 45 x 3.  We understand that multiplication is repeated addition and we’ve been learning how to represent the numbers using addition sentences as well as multiplication sentences.

5 x 4 = 20      or     4+4+4+4+4 = 20

In the pictures below we were building arrays using square tiles to represent a number, such as 20. We discovered that there are sometimes more than one way to build an array to represent a number.

For instance, we learned that 20 can be built in rows and columns as in:

1 x 20

2 x 10

4 x 5

Students will continue to build on this foundation in the upcoming grades as they learn about prime and composite numbers.

In our class, the students are asked to know their times tables up to the 9s…especially our grade 4s! However, I know many of our grade 3s are up for the challenge, too!


December 22

Christmas is almost here!

Advent means “a coming”. The season of Advent is a time of waiting. We are eagerly awaiting the birth of Jesus. Every Monday, during our Morning Meeting, we’ve taken some time to light another candle–there is 1 pink and 3 purple candles. We’ve joined in prayer and offer our own intentions. In our class, we use an Advent calendar to count down the days to Christmas. Do you have an Advent calendar at your home?

This year, our school has decided to support several different organizations. It is important we help others at this time of year, too. For Grades 3-5, the charity we helped was called Joy-FULL Socks. Last Friday, Elaine from Joy-FULL socks came to pick up the donations. She was so excited to see the abundant donations to the worthy cause. Thank-you for your generous help! Men’s Mission & Rotholme Women’s & Family Shelter will be so happy.

Our class has been busy the last 2 weeks creating 3 different Christmas tree ornaments. First, we designed a paper ornament with our picture on the back, then we made a cork snowman, and finally, our marshmallow ornament that we made today. I believe a few marshmallows may have been consumed along the way 😉

Have a look at our creations below along with our Secret Santa exchange:

Click here to be linked to the steps in how to make the Christmas cards cards we made using paint chips.

November 9

Moving Along In November

We’re a very busy class learning and exploring each and every day. Have a look at our learning over the last week or so…

Rubbing balloons on our heads may look weird, but we were doing a science experiment to try to create static electricity using friction. Unfortunately, we learned that not all science experiments work they way they’re supposed to and our balloons were quite stubborn, not sticking to the walls like they should have.

One of our gym classes was ‘bootcamp style’ where stations were set up and students circulated through each station, getting our sweat on while the music motivated us to keep moving! Situps/pushups, jump-rope, bean bag toss, soccer dribbling, and so much more!

Our personal narrative unit had us getting our minds warmed up while we practiced storytelling our chosen idea to a friend. We then learned about drafting leads or introductions–the HOOK that will capture a reader’s attention. Mrs. S models for us what a lead can sound like and we learned about different ways to start a narrative. We were asked to write 2 different leads and pick the best one.

Gathering and making sense of data is our next unit in math. Our focus today was on Venn Diagrams. We were sorting information like who liked chocolate vs. vanilla, siblings & pets, and much more. We used magnetic pictures of ourselves to come up to the board and decide where we would place ourselves on the Venn Diagram. We also used sticky notes to sort numbers.

We had a lovely visitor today from the Rotary Club. The grade 3s and 4s from the split classes were given student dictionaries to keep! We learned a bit about what the Rotary Club does and how a dictionary can help us.



October 7

We are Thankful

It’s Thanksgiving this weekend and today we gathered together to express our gratitude for all that we have. Mrs. C’s class and Mr. M’s class joined us in the library and we celebrated together with song and prayer.

It’s always special when we can gather together and share in the experience. It was extra special that some of our parents joined us as well. Thank you!

We came back to class and enjoyed a little treat Mrs. S brought in …. apple crisp and ice cream!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Turkey Bingo took place in the afternoon and someone from our class won a turkey!! Congratulations!

Here are the 2 songs we listened to during our liturgy:

What are you thankful for?

May 4

Welcome Chris Bray

Overstay 1

Thibaud Saintin via Compfight

Today our school was fortunate enough to welcome a very special guest–Chris Bray. Chris is a Canadian songwriter, Christian leader, and speaker. Chris enlightened us and inspired us with his messages of faith and that we truly are God’s children.

He led us through some beautiful songs, taught us some actions to go along with the songs, and helped us celebrate Catholic Education Week.

Here’s a sample of one of his hit songs.

April 17


What is a miracle? Why do they happen? Who do they happen to? What were Jesus’ miracles? What miracles happen nowadays?

The Grotto at Lourdes We’ve been exploring these questions and investigating their answers over the past few weeks. Today, we learned about St. Bernadette and the apparitions of the Virgin Mary at a grotto in Lourdes, France in 1858. Mary appeared to Bernadette 18 different times! We call these apparitions.

Here is a short video clip of the 1943 movie The Song of Bernadette which shows the first time Mary appeared to Bernadette in the grotto.

Click here  for the Live Webcam from the Grotto in Lourdes.  (I suggest you choose the YouTube player.)