February 12

Percy Jackson

You should read Percy Jackson and the Olympians . It’s AMAZING! It’s about a boy named Percy and he’s a Halfblood. No one knows which God his Father is. Later he finds out that his father is Poseidon the sea God. So he had to fight monsters.He attracts them because he is a son of the big three: Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. The Gods made an oath not to have any more kids but Poseidon and Zeus broke the oath–Poseidon had Percy and Zeus had Thalia but Thalia joined the hunt.

photo credit: Samuel

Pick up a copy of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series today!

by Samuel


February 10

My Winning Routine

My favorite sport is cheer! In these pictures I win first place! Some pictures have me in the air with only one person holding me. I am not a top but I am a base and that means I hold the top person up. Both me and my  sister do cheer. We just love it! I go to Royals and my sister does Sharks. Some day I want to go to Sharks. I`m hoping I get to go when my birthday passes. Royals is not that bad but I REALLY WANT TO BE A SHARK!

by: A.S

January 18


     One of my favorite things to do is TRAVEL because I like to see different things and I like the plane ride and visiting beaches.  My family goes to a lot of places. Most of the time we go to cities in Canada and some in the USA and also cities in Florida. We recently went to Disney, too!

      For my blog I am going to talk about my vacation in Mexico! We went because my uncle was getting married! If he was not we would not have went. My uncle is my dad’s brother. We stayed for 1 week from Mon. Oct.23rd to Oct.30th. We love our new aunt and uncle so much for taking us on this vacation. Most of my family including me is Greek, but my uncle married a Filipino lady. They like to travel and have been all over the world.  One day I would like to do the same too– travel all over the world.

by: E.B.


January 10

My California Trip 2017

I love traveling!I saw the Hollywood sign and I also walked across the golden gate bridge.It took my family 11 hours to drive from San Francisco to Santa Monica because we were by a forest fire and a bridge was closed.We met a news anchor from CNN and we were on TV.We went to Anaheim,Alcatraz,Los Angeles,Beverly hills,San Francisco and Santa Monica.

Thanks for reading!

If you were to travel to California, where would you go?


By B.D.

December 22

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Hi Everybody,

I want to share with you something I love to do DANCE!! I’ve been doing it since I was 2! This year I go to a new dance studio. My favourite part about dance is performing to people, the costumes, the routines, and the great friends. What’s your favourite sport?

By R.P. 

December 14

Christmas Tree

One day my family and  I went to Tree Lane Farms to get our Christmas tree .We walked out to the field and found a tree.  My dad cut it down. Once we got our tree we walked over to see Santa’s reindeer. After that, we went for hot chocolate. It was a lot of fun! Have a great Christmas.

by: J.F.

November 22

Singing in the Snow

Hi everybody. I am Eva, the blogger of the week. I want to share with you something I love to do…SINGING! I sing all the time  and everywhere, even when it’s snowing. My favourite singer is Selena Gomez. she is great! I hope you enjoy my blog post.                                                                                                                            Who is your  favourite   singer?   




                   by Eva