March 9

It’s Green Day!

Today our school celebrated an early St. Patrick’s Day by wearing GREEN! We celebrated early because our students are on March Break when St. Patrick’s Day actually falls.

Five Facts About Shamrocks:


  1. This three leaf clover called the shamrock is one of the most widely recognized symbols of Ireland and is often referred to as the unofficial symbol of this country. The official symbol is actually the Irish harp instead.
  2. When Saint Patrick traveled over to Ireland in the fifth century and began preaching the word of God, there was a small problem. Unlike today, Christianity was traditionally spread around by word of mouth. Armed with this knowledge, this Saint is said to have used the shamrock and its distinctive three leaves to teach the people all about the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  3. Did you know that the word shamrock comes from the Gaelic word Seamrog, meaning “little clover”.
  4. The meaning of symbols can often change throughout history and sometimes rather dramatically too. In the early 1900’s, the shamrock became a symbol of rebellion of the Irish people against the English. As a symbol of rebellion, openly displaying this three-leaf clover was made illegal and punishable by death.
  5. Shamrocks are often placed as a lucky emblem and motif in the wedding bouquet of an Irish bride. This is an old custom and tradition that is still often followed today in modern weddings.

In the pictures below, students are busy colouring in the patterns on their 3 leaf clovers.


February 28

Chop! Chop!

In the spirit of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dog, we made paper lanterns last Friday and today we explored chopsticks! We read the book called Chopsticks by one of my favourite authors, Amy Krouse Rosenthal.You can check out my blog post from last year about Amy by clicking here.

The book is full of fun illustrations and a simple message about the strength of friendship but at the same time reminds us how we can learn to be independent when we need to be!

We were each given a pair of bamboo chopsticks and explored how to hold them and tried to pick up something off our desk. It takes plenty of practice and persistence to get the hang of it! Students got to take home their chopsticks at the end of the day.

There are plenty of ‘how-to’ videos out there, but here is one that we watched in class. Check it out!

Have you ever used chopsticks before? What is your favourite food to eat with chopsticks?

February 9

The Winter Olympics Have Begun!

The Olympics is a wonderful way to bring together culture and competition in an entertaining, fun, and engaging way. It celebrates athletes who have trained for years to share their gifts. It is exciting just to be a spectator from afar!

At 6 a.m. our time, the Winter Olympics had officially begun with figure-skaters Tessa Virture from London, Ontario and Scott Moir from Ilderton, Ontario representing Canada as our flag bearers. Go Canada!

The host city this time is Pyeongchang, South Korea. In class, we used Google Earth to find this destination and check out what it looks like. We even traced the journey of where the Olympic torch started in Greece and how it arrived in Korea.

Here is a fun video we watched in class today that introduces all of the events at the Winter Olympics using their mascot, Soohorang. Have a look:

What is the mascot?

The 2018 mascot is a white tiger named Soohorang. The tiger is “closely associated with Korean mythology and culture” and is a “familiar figure in Korean folk tales as a symbol of trust, strength and protection,” according to the Games website.
Here is a great kid-friendly website to check out full of videos, games, and information about the events
Do you have a favourite Winter Olympics sport?
Is there an athlete you are cheering for?
February 5

Welcome to Mathletics!

If you’re unfamiliar with Mathletics, please allow me to introduce you to this great program. As a teacher, I’ve been using Mathletics for about 5 years or so. Just recently, our school board has made the program available to all students at our schools, at no cost to families.

Mathletics is used as part of our math learning in class and is an online math program that helps us practice our math facts, reinforces math concepts, and most importantly, makes math FUN! You will have 24 hour access to Mathletics which means that you can work at your own pace; anywhere, anytime. This online math tool helps us practice computation and improves our math fluency, especially when we use LIVE Mathletics. We love competing with one another and even with students from around the globe!

If you haven’t already, it is recommended that you spend a little time looking at the program with your child so that you can gain the greatest understanding of how Mathletics will benefit his or her learning.

Take a quick video tour by clicking here!

How do I earn certificates?

A certificate is awarded to a student once they have earned 1000 points in a single week. Only one certificate is awarded each week, to help encourage sustained study by the student. Points are awarded across Mathletics in a number of ways…

  • Live Mathletics – students earn one point per correct answer
  • Live Mathletics – students earn two points per correct answers on their bonus level (indicated by a gold star next to the level number)
  • Mathletics curriculum – 10 points per correct answer within individual activities
  • Mathletics curriculum – 20 points per correct answer within a “Test”


Students can also earn a coveted spot on the Mathletics Hall of Fame! Ask your child to show you the Hall of Fame at home. It’s pretty neat.

Keep working hard grade 3s!


January 22

QR Code Math

Today as some review of addition, students used ipads to scan 4 different questions and solve using a strategy of their choice. We’ve been learning about various addition strategies including:

  • the traditional algorithm
  • vertical addition with no regrouping
  • using a number line
  • break apart by place value

Plenty of practice, coaching each other, and review has been on the menu lately. More recently, we’ve moved onto subtraction strategies.

Stay tuned for some student-led tutorials!

January 19

Persuasive Writing

Students have been busily writing their opinions on various topics. We brainstormed ‘hot topics‘. Some of the ideas that were generated in our class included:

  • should our school have a junior/intermediate playground?
  • should our school have a pool?
  • should animals be kept in zoos?
  • do boys and girls have equal ability when it comes to sports?
  • should there be year round schooling
  • racism

We are learning to structure our writing with an opening sentence clearly stating our opinion followed by 3 reasons why we believe it to be so. Finally, we finish with a concluding sentence, restating our opinion.

Have a look below at the students engaged in a sharing activity called “Inside/Outside Circle” where the outside circle rotates and the inside circle stays. Students share their paragraph and receive feedback on their work.

What’s something you feel very strongly FOR or AGAINST?

January 14

You’ve Got Mail

It is always exciting to get mail. You should have seen the faces of our classmates when I revealed that our penpal letters from Texas had finally arrived. Students hastily read each sentence, devouring their letter, and learned a little bit about their penpal–their likes, favourites, and interests. We will keep our letters so that we can answer some of the questions posed to us.

Have you ever had a penpal?

December 22

Merry Christmas!

It’s been a jam-packed week with plenty of learning, fun, and crafting going on. The students are vibrating with energy and excitement as Christmas draws near. Some students expressed in our Morning Meeting today that they were feeling ‘exhausted’, ‘tired’, ‘happy’, ‘joyful’, and the feeling is mutual! We all need some much needed down time with family.

The last Sunday of Advent is in a few days and that same evening it is Christmas Eve. Let us all remember the true reason for the season…Jesus.

Have a joyous, blessed, and holy Christmas.

Mrs. Sullivan

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday, everyone!

Enjoy your time with loved ones and we’ll see you in the

New Year!



December 7

….and they’re off!

Our students are thrilled to have pen-pals this year. We are partnered with a Grade 3 class from Texas. Our students brainstormed, drafted, and wrote their good copy of their very first pen-pal letter and also drew a picture to accompany the letter. We learned about the parts that make up a letter and how to properly address an envelope. Our letters should arrive in Texas on Tuesday. I will ask Mrs. J for her to take a picture of her class opening our parcel and reading our letters!

We are super excited to receive letters in return! We hope they arrive before Christmas.