November 20

What does Learning Look Like?

In our classroom, we love to share our learning with others. Here are a few snapshots of us learning in class today.

Most Mondays, we receive new words that follow a certain pattern. In two of the pictures below we are sorting our new words. Next, you can see us chatting about some things we’ve learned about Texas where are penpals live.

In another snapshot, Mrs. S captured us using the laptops to comment on blogs. Authentic writing opportunities can be a lot of fun! We can’t wait to write letters to our penpals and receive letters in return. Perhaps even a Skype date is in the plans, too!

Finally, in Math, we’ve been learning about how to gather data, display the results in a graph, and make sense of what it all means. Today, Mrs. S surveyed the class about screen time and we helped to put a bar graph together of the data. We are making our own survey questions and will be working with Mrs. Valente’s class to get answers to our questions next week.

November 19

What’s a Venn Diagram?

Simply put, a Venn Diagram is a tool to help us sort things. A man named John Venn (a logician) invented them a long time ago.

Have a look below at the diagram.

We made some of our own Venn Diagrams using hula hoops and various objects we found around the class. Can you guess how we sorted the following items in the pictures?

Students were then asked to find additional items to place in the Venn Diagram and this is what it looked like after they added new items found in the classroom. You will notice a few items placed outside the Venn Diagram. That is because they don’t belong in any of the categories within the Diagram.

Students have been working in their teams to sort numbers as well. Have a look at the action. Click on individual pictures to enlarge them:

Recently, Mrs. Sullivan created a Venn Diagram with fiction and nonfiction books. She was having trouble with what kind of book to put in the middle (that would have both fiction and nonfiction qualities). Jacob B offered a fantastic suggestion of putting a book in the middle that has fictional characters BUT is based on a real-life situation. So, he grabbed an I Survived book that is based on the story of the Titanic. Thanks for the great thinking, Jacob B!

What kind of items could you sort into a Venn Diagram?

November 16

Mystery Reader…Revealed!

Our very first Mystery Reader was….Reese’s mom!

She read to us 2 different books. One was called Ferdinand by Munro Leaf. It was about a bull who stayed true to himself even when others around him had other expectations of him. He did not want to fight like others wanted, but he simply wanted to enjoy peace, smelling flowers, and sitting under his favourite tree. It is also coming out as a movie soon. Have a look at the trailer, too!

The second book was called Stuck by Oliver Jeffers. It was a silly book about a boy who gets his kite caught in a tree. How he chooses to get the kite out of the tree leads to a series of funny and strange happenings with a surprise ending.The pictures are bright and the text font is fun to read. The students laughed out loud at this one!


Thank you so much for coming in to share stories with us!

We loved having you visit!

November 14

Shoebox Habitats

Our culminating project for Science has concluded and the students are definitely proud of their efforts. Many hours of research and planning were involved in creating the final projects–a shoebox diorama of a specific habitat and animal. The amount of detail and thought put into the design of these dioramas is amazing! I am so impressed! I think you will be, too.

As you will see, students selected quite a variety of animals and their habitats which made for an interesting assortment of projects. Students became ‘experts’ in their chosen habitat and were keen to share their learning with others.

Take a look at the Gr.3’s hard work:

What do you think of our projects?

If you could create a shoebox diorama, which habitat would you recreate?

November 13

Christmas Card Designers Wanted!

Once again, our school board is asking students to create original artwork that could be used for the Board’s Christmas e-cards.

The winner will be chosen by a committee and recognized at a future Board meeting. If you’re interested, please read on.

Size: roughly 8.5×11
Theme: Christmas with a Catholic focus, such as a Nativity scene or the Three Wise Men following the Star of Bethlehem.
Text: no text necessary. We’ll add a scripture quote when we’re designing the cards.
Be creative and don’t be afraid to come up with unique ideas to depict the story (bright and bold colours, silhouette, stained glass style, black and white sketch, etc.)

Deadline: hand in to Mrs. Sullivan by Nov. 28

November 13


Who has the POWER?  U do! Sara Westbrook is a motivational speaker who we had the pleasure of watching and learning from this morning. Her focus was on RESILIENCY for grades K-3. We gathered in the gym and spent about 45 minutes with Sarah as she sang to us, shared personal stories, and energized us with her lessons on how to be resilient.

She reminded us about different ways we can be a UPower Superhero such as helping others when they are sad, inviting others to play with us, and more.

Sara talked about 3 big ideas:

  • UPower map-create a map, helping you visualize the person you want to be, your dreams, ambitions, character traits
  • UPower journal-keep a journal to help write your feelings, thoughts, ideas, stories, dreams
  • UPower Asking-ask questions, ask for help when you need it

Sara talked about taking deep breaths when we are sad or mad (which we can do anywhere…in the grocery store, at school, at the dinner table, etc.). We may not always have control over our circumstances, but we DO have the power to make choices about how we respond.

She reminded each student that…

I matter.

I am important.

I am enough.


November 9

What is Peace?

On November 11, we pause and remember those who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom and those who continue to do so even today. Pausing to reflect on our freedoms, wearing a poppy across our heart, talking about how we can be peacemakers rather than peacebreakers are some of the ways we can commemorate Remembrance Day and be present in our world.

We read The Peace Book by Todd Parr which is a wonderful way to share with each other how simple peace can be. Peace is all around us and quite frankly, we need more peace in the world. Don’t you agree? If you haven’t read this book, please visit your local library!

Have a listen to our class sharing what peace means to each one of us:


How Can You Be a Peacemaker in the World?

November 2

Quiz Quiz Trade

To prepare for our Habitats science test, students engaged in an activity called Quiz, Quiz, Trade. This is a great way to review and gets students up and out of their seats, interacting with each other.

It begins with each student holding a card with a question on it. Students start walking around with their hand up. The first person they come across they high 5 and the taller person reads their question first (answers are on the back). They can coach their peer if needed and also praise. Next, the 2nd partner reads their question and afterwards, they trade.

Finally, they begin to walk around in the same manner and continue to ask questions of each other. If needed, they are allowed to use their notebooks to assist them. Check us out in action:


October 31

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here and the whole school, dressed in orange and black, were ready to have fun! The primary students rotated through 5 different classrooms participating in various activities including making monster art, slime, doing activities in the gym, and so on.

In the afternoon, our class was reading in the dark, complete with flashlights, blankets, pillows, and of course…books! We even made time for a movie. Have a look at our fun day together.

October 24

Lots Going on In Our Class!