June 27

Happy Last Day!

It’s always bittersweet to wrap up a school year. This year was no different. It has been an absolute joy teaching each one of you. I feel very blessed to be your teacher…I really do have the best job. Thank you for making me smile. You are all very special and I know you’ll go forward continuing to do great things 🙂 I am so proud of you all.

As a class, we thought about all the wonderful things we were a part of together and here’s what we came up with…


Today, we also wanted to make sure our fabulous custodians received a warm thank-you from all of us as we know how hard they work to make our school a great place to learn. They do not always receive the recognition they deserve. We presented them each with their own personalized and framed Wordle. Thank you Mr. Ritchie and Mr. Walter!

Have a fantastic summer!

June 26

Do You Like Board Games?

A fun way to wrap up a school year is giving students the challenge of creating their own board game. And boy…were these grade 3s up for it!

We wrote down the success criteria together and knew the game had to involve math in some way. The students completed their board games, playing their own game several times and then play each other’s.

The level of detail was incredible! Several groups even crafted their own playing pieces! Wow.

Have a look at their hard work!

Finally, we were pleased to see our poetry anthology arrive to our classroom. The students were delighted to see their published poems in a book that they can keep forever. What a great job everyone did!

June 24

Camp Fun

What a fun day today as we spent time together on our final field trip as Grade 3 students. Thankfully, the rain stayed away and we all enjoyed the activities planned for us. Gaga ball was a favourite along with the low-ropes course, Capture the Cow, and campfire.

A big thanks to our parent volunteers for joining in on the fun with us.

Have a look at our day spent at Camp!

June 20

Buzzing About Bees!

Turkey Jay, Mrs. Sullivan’s husband, is a bee-keeper ‘on the side’. He just loves bees and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. There’s always so much to learn about bees. They truly are an incredible insect and are not to be feared.

He couldn’t visit with us today, so he sent me with some of his bee-keeping tools and gadgets to share with my students.

We watched some cool videos, learning a little bit about bees, including their waggle dance!

Students loved painting their designs on the bee boxes and Turkey Jay can’t wait to use these homes for the bees this summer! The bees will be happy and are thankful for beautifying their homes!

Here are 10 Fun Facts about Bees that

maybe you didn’t know:

1. There are 3 categories of honey bees: the males (drones), the females are the worker bees, and the queen

2. The only purpose of the male bees is to mate with the queen

3. In the Fall, the female bees kick out the drones from the hive because they are not needed over the winter time.

4. Drone bees do not have stinger

5. The queen bee has a bigger abdomen than the other bees

6. The queen lays 1500 eggs each day. It takes 21 days for the eggs to hatch.

7. When the queen lays an egg, she chooses to fertilize it or not. A non-fertilized egg turns into a drone (male bee). A fertilized egg turns into a worker bee (female).

8. The honey bee is the only insect in the world that makes food that we eat

9. Honey bees produce many things including propolys which is like a glue that bees use to seal cracks and secures things. If a mouse dies in the hive, the bees cannot drag it out, so they entomb the mouse in propolys so the dead body does not contaminate the hive. Smart!

10. Bees don’t sleep. Ever! They are not dormant in the winter. Their wings beat together and they produce heat this way.

June 18

A Visit to McCormick Home

Today our students spent the morning engaging with the residents of the McCormick Home. It was a wonderful opportunity to gain understanding and compassion for seniors in our own community.  The seniors appreciated the companionship and time that the students spent reading stories and playing Bingo.

It was a great day outside and we were blessed to have been able to visit the residents outside in their beautiful courtyard.

A big thank-you goes out to Sabrina who organized the morning for us.

June 17

A Visit to Hogwarts

It was a special day for our students as they handed in their tickets and traveled to Hogwarts, passing through Platform 9 & 3/4 and into the wonderful world of Harry Potter.

Students embraced their characters, posed for photos, ate some delicious goodies, drank some Polyjuice Potion, and enjoyed the movie for the afternoon. We left with certificates in hand as graduates of Hogwarts and will go home to talk about our fun for days to come.

A celebration like this couldn’t have happened without the help and support of parents, so a BIG thank-you from all of us!


June 17

Inspirational Posters

Recently, the students were able to take home their beautiful posters that have been hanging in our classroom for many months. They self-selected their quote that was meaningful to them and then were asked to draw the accompanying picture.

Aren’t they lovely? Great job, Grade 3s!

What’s your favourite inspirational quote?

June 6

Sharing our Talents with Others

Our published stories were so great that they must be shared with others! We invited Mr. K’s class to come and let us read to them. The Grade 1s enjoyed listening to the stories read aloud. Great job everyone!

Our puppet shows were a hit with our Kindergarten buddies on Tuesday. They were such a great audience and the Grade 3s performed so well. It was so fun to watch all the hard work. Our students not only created their puppets from scratch, they also wrote their own scripts.  Wow! Some of the topics they presented about included protecting the earth, treating others the way you want to be treated, and respect.

Do you own a puppet?

May 29

Celebrating Our Authors–Camp Style!

Snuggling up around the campfire, nibbling on s’mores and reading really great stories was a great way to spend a Wednesday afternoon…after EQAO is all done.

Flashlights in hand, we had a fun afternoon of reading, celebrating, and praising each other for all the hard work with our published realistic fiction stories.

I have personally thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one and am SO proud of everyone’s efforts. Wow!

There is so much involved in the writing process–planning, drafting, editing, revising, publishing. There were stories about getting lost in a mall, in the woods, making new friends, surviving a camping disaster, overcoming a fear of dogs, ocean, clowns, spiders…and so much more!

Congratulations to each and every one of you for the wonderful work you created!  I am so proud of you!



May 29

A Special Invitation

Dear Fellow Muggles,

As you know, a very special delivery was made today from Hedwig the Owl. Mrs. Barnes noticed her swooping in through the office window, dropping off a basket of envelopes to the students of Room 117 at our school. She even captured this photograph:

These letters are a special invite for you to attend a…

Harry Potter Party

 on Monday June 17, 2019

*Please reply to this invitation by leaving a comment on this post*