February 8

Thank you Mystery Reader!

Once again, we have been blessed to have another special mystery reader visit our class. Today it was Ryerson’s mom! She read us a funny Robert Munsch book called Thomas’ Snowsuit. It’s a book that’s been around for a while. Robert Munsch has so many books, in fact, he’s just released his latest book called Black Flies. We can’t wait to add it to our class library.

Ryerson’s mom did such a terrific job reading the story. We couldn’t help but laugh out loud at some of the funny moments in the story, especially the moments where the teacher and principal were wearing each other’s clothing!

If you’ve never read Thomas’ Snowsuit before…here is the story behind the story from Mr. Munsch himself…

Thomas’ Snowsuit was made up in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I was talking to teachers about how to tell stories. Somebody said “Hey Bob Munsch, would you like to tell some stories to kids in daycare?”

I said that would be nice. So they called up all the daycare centres in Halifax and said “If you want to have stories by Bob Munsch come out to Mount Saint Vincent University.”

About three hundred kids came. They were three, four and five years old.

When I walked into the room and saw them I said “Oh Dear, I am supposed to keep them happy for an hour. I don’t have enough stories to keep three year olds happy for an hour.” And I didn’t. After forty-five minutes I ran out of stories.

I looked at the kids and they were all wearing snowsuits. I thought it must have been hard getting them into the snowsuits. I made up a snowsuit story about a little boy named Thomas who didn’t like to put on his snowsuit. The kids liked it because every time Thomas didn’t want to put on his snowsuit he yelled “Noooooo” and all three hundred kids would start yelling “Nooooo”.

It turns out that kids love to yell no. I use “no” a lot in my stories. Whenever I can’t think of what to do next I figure out some reason for somebody to yell “no”. Kids will always join in yelling “no”.

Thank you so much for reading to us today! We loved sharing our own funny stories with you, too.


February 5

Mannequin Challenge

It was Friday and many of us were working on our superhero designs as an extension of the book Savannah read to us via Skype. The students worked hard to come up with a design for their superhero, a name, and what ways the superhero would help others.

We decided to try out the mannequin challenge while we were working on this task. Have a look at the Friday Fun!


February 2


Today we had the pleasure and privilege of welcoming a special mystery reader into our class…via Skype! Her name is Savannah Whitson and she is a grade 1 teacher and also a published author! She was so delighted to be invited to share her first book with us. Prior to her Skype chat, she gave us a few clues about where she is from:

  • English is the main language spoken
  • Corn is a major crop grown in her area
  • There is a major car race that takes place annually in her area (The Indianapolis 500)

When we first met Savannah on Skype, we wanted to know exactly where she was skyping from, as the clues just weren’t enough. We retrieved an Atlas and with a few more clues, we learned she is from the state of Indiana in the city of Indianapolis.

The book is called “I Wish i Were a Superhero”.  It tells the story of several characters who imagine themselves as superheros with superhero powers such as being able to fly, have super strength, lightning speed, and so on. Towards the end of the book, the characters realize that they only need to look within themselves to see that each one of them already have superpowers such as the strength to help others. All kids have superpowers!

Savannah walked through the process of writing her book (she started writing it 3 years ago) and told us one of the most important things we can do as authors is to read and re-read our own writing, carefully listening for it to sound just right. She told us that even though her book is now published, she can still find small things she might change.

The illustrations by Clark McReynolds really brought Savannah’s message to life. The pictures are colourful, expressive, and fun to look at it. They are done in what some might call a ‘comic book style’.  There are even a few colouring pages at the very back of the book to encourage students to draw themselves as a superhero. Savannah is going to send us an order form for the book so we can add it to our class library and she will also give us a copy of the colouring pages.

Our Skype call with Savannah lasted 30 minutes and was a great opportunity for the students to ask questions directly to her and enjoy listening to a story written by the author herself!

We asked Savannah if she is planning on another book and she said YES! The next one will be about dogs (she has a Jack Russel) and what kinds of things that dogs might be thinking. Sounds interesting!

If you’re interested in ordering a copy of her book ($15 USD) before it hits the stores, click here

The link provided expires Feb.10th at midnight.

You can pay by credit card or pay pal. Savannah will personally sign each copy!

January 27

SuperStar Mathletes of the Week

A big congratulations to our new SuperStar Mathletes. Each week, we celebrate accomplishments and give special recognition to students who really shine.

Luca P. is a Mathlete! He has achieved (at last count) 2949 Live Mathletics points in the level 2 category with 92% accuracy! That’s 180 games played. Wow!


Joseph has earned a whopping 5810 participation points and has earned 2 Bronze certificates. He’s inching closing towards a silver!

Way to go! Keep up the great work, Grade 3 and 4s.

Parents, don’t forget that you if you don’t have a Parent Registration already, you can sign up here using the details of your child’s account: http://www.mathletics.com.au/parent/
You’ll then have access to view your his/her progress and results, including both weekly points summary, certificates earned and a tally of total points accumulated.

How to Play Live Mathletics

Choose your level. You can play the computer or choose Find Me a Game to play against other Mathletes.

Place the cursor over the the level tabs to see what type of questions you could be asked.

Try to choose the right level for you – look out for Bonus Points! You could earn double points if you challenge yourself!

Your goal is to improve your ranking. Your ranking is based on your recent average.

There are five different rankings to achieve: Raging Rookie, Junior Giant, Speed Demon, Almost Einstein and Human Calculator.

After you have picked your level, Mathletics will find other Mathletes for you to compete against (unless you have selected the Computer). It is possible that you might get to play the computer if there is not a good match with another Mathlete available.

The game engine selects games based on competing Mathlete’s recent averages, so the race is as fair as possible.

One game lasts 60 seconds and you have to answer as many questions correctly as you can.

You are racing against the clock, your recent average and the other Mathletes. The other Mathletes you play against will have the same ranking as you.

Be careful! 3 mistakes and you’ll strike out! If you Strike Out it will change your average and you may go down a level in your ranking.

Keep an eye out for the red line – this represents your Personal Best score.If you can beat this – you earn bonus credits for your Mathlete!

How Do Students Earn Certificates?

20 consistent weeks of work = 1 Gold Certificate

Certificates are granted when a student earns 1000 points or more within one week. This encourages students to complete a healthy amount of work each week and rewards students for every week they practice. Students initially earn a Bronze Certificate, then a Silver Certificate once five Bronzes have been earned. With four Silver Certificates, a student then receives the much-coveted Gold Certificate, demonstrating their long-term commitment and developing ability.

January 26

Totally Tubular Tubing!

We all had a lot of fun on a physical education adventure in St.Mary’s, Ontario. Many of us have been to River Valley Tubing, but this was my first time! Luckily the weather cooperated and we even had some snow falling from the sky off and on throughout the day. The sun made an attempt to come out, but it was mostly overcast. Regardless, we had a blast!

I tried to capture as many of you on camera as I could. I’m sorry if I missed you.

January 19

We Are Nonfiction Readers

Nonfiction seems to be the genre of book that gets the least amount of recognition. However, as it turns out in our class, we can’t seem to get enough of it! We love getting to choose nonfiction books and learn new things about topics of our choice.

Reading nonfiction is a bit different from reading fiction. In nonfiction, we don’t always have to read the text from cover to cover. Instead, we may only choose to read certain sections of the book, depending on what we want to learn about. Using the table of contents and index can help us with this.

In fiction, we read the whole book because the story has a beginning, middle, and an ending. We would miss out on important information about the characters and plot if we only read certain chapters.

We’ve learned about many of the text features that nonfiction uses including:

  • table of contents
  • index
  • glossary
  • photographs or pictures with captions
  • diagrams
  • a change in font style (bold words, highlighted words)
  • and many more!

When reading nonfiction, we need to slow down and use the text features to help us understand what we are reading. Have a look below at some of our classmates sharing something new they learned from their nonfiction book.



January 18


Who is Saidat? Saidat is a motivational speaker, dancer, singer, performer who came to our school today and shared her gifts with us.

She brought with her some powerful reminders about staying true to ourselves, believing in yourself, it’s OK to need and ask for help, you are not alone, and so much more.

We laughed, engaged in friendly competition, danced, and learned.

We met Saidat’s team as well who included DJ Dan the Man and Kyle.

It turns out we have some truly amazing dancers in our class. Check out our wonderful day…


January 16

Mystery Reader Revealed!

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of inviting another mystery reader into our classroom. It was Luca F’s dad! Luca had his suspicions based on the clues that were released. He was right.

The book this time around was not any book we had heard of before because Luca’s dad wrote the story himself! What a treat!

It was a story called Dream Chaser and was about a young boy who learns that having a goal in mind and working diligently to aim for that goal is part of life’s journey. Working hard towards achieving our dream can’t start too early. Doing our very best in school is a great way to start!

After the story was read to us, the class was asked to share with a partner adream that we have and what is one thing we can do to help us achieve our dream. Lots of chatter ensued and some of us shared our dreams with the class.

Thank you, Luca’s dad, for coming in to share such a wonderful story! We look forward to adding your book to our class library for us to enjoy again and again.