December 12

Let it Snow!

What a beautifully white, snowy sight this morning as we were greeted with a heavy snowfall over night. There wasn’t a shortage of things to do at recess as the snow was the type that allowed you to easily build anything your heart desired!

Buses were cancelled and we missed some of our friends who couldn’t make it in to school today.

Have a look at some of our learning over the past few weeks.

Below, students are working together to sort polygons into various categories. We learned that sometimes, shapes can belong to several categories. For instance, a square is also a parallelogram and a quadrilateral.

Playing with Tangrams is a fun way to learn about geometry. Here, students were asked to put together all 7 Tangram pieces to make a square. We haven’t solved it…yet! We’ll try again tomorrow.

Our first Christmas craft was one inspired by a similar one made by my sister in 1987. Ha! I brought it in to show the students and then we made our own. Students were given a template and they chose a colour of paper (white, green, or red). It was decorated and sparkles were added. Mrs. Sullivan glued on a picture of us on the back and dated it “Christmas 2016”. They will hang beautifully on our Christmas tree in our school foyer until the last day of school. We will take them home and hopefully enjoy it for years to come.

In Social Studies, we’ve been learning about Ontario and the types of jobs one might find in the 3 regions of Ontario (Hudson Bay Lowlands, Great Lakes, Canadian Shield). Students were asked to sort the jobs into one of the 3 regions and explain why they placed that particular job there.


December 7

Christmas Concert

What a feast for the eyes and ears for those who joined us at our annual Christmas concert at our church. Plenty of families and friends gathered to listen to the well-rehearsed students perform their two songs. There was quite a variety of songs and even some actions and instruments to accompany some of our classes.

Our class shared the stage with 2 other classes to sing Silent Night in English, French, and German. Our second song was Toy Soldier.

Cameras were flashing, smiles were shared, and applause erupted as we closed the evening with our booming voices. Cookies and other treats were graciously offered afterwards to help celebrate our Feast Day and the special occasion of the concert.

Thank you for supporting us and coming to share in our excitement!

A special thank-you to our music teacher, Mr. Morson, for helping to make the night a success.

November 16

Museum London

What a beautiful way to start our day…at Museum London. We explored parts of the museum, learning about abstract art, contemporary art, landscape art, and so on. We learned vocabulary such as foreground, background, middle ground, negative & positive space, texture.

We saw artwork and talked about artists such as the Group of 7. Paintings, sculptures, tapestry, 3D art…there was so much to see! There was even artwork outside in a small pond.

After our tour of the museum, we ventured into the studio with Annette. She taught us a lesson in printmaking using a rectangular piece of foam, 3 geometric shapes made of cardboard, and paint.

We had to place the 3 shapes onto our foam board, overlapping the pieces. We traced the shapes with a pencil, pressing hard into the foam. We added details to the foreground and background and finally painted over the foam using 2 or 3 colours.  We had to work quickly so the paint wouldn’t dry.

The last step was placing a stiff piece of paper overtop and, using a brayer or roller, we transferred the image onto paper. Look at the results!

They were beautiful.

October 27

Soft Sculpture Pumpkins


              photo by Mrs. Sullivan

Before we stuff ourselves silly with Halloween candy, we stuffed some pantyhose to create plump pumpkins. We made a soft-sculpture decoration–a pumpkin, that won’t rot like real pumpkins. In fact, our sculptures will last for years to come!



  • Each student was asked to bring in 2 pairs of nylons…they could be skin-colour, black, pink, purple, etc.
  • We then stuffed our pantyhose with a fluffy material called fiberfill.
  • We cut the legs off 2 pairs of pantyhose, along with the toes.
  • Next, we arranged the legs on a flat surface, crossing over each other in the center like the spokes of a wheel so that there’d be eight open-ended tubes radiating from the center. We stapled the centre.
  • We stuffed our ‘tubes’ with fiberfill and then gathered up the tubes, holding them together with a rubber band at the base and another at the top. Voila!
  • The last step was painting the pumpkins and the stem.

See below if you’d like to see the instructions visually.










What is your costume for Halloween? Does your family decorate their home?

April 25

Picasso-Inspired Art

Using pastels, students designed a series of faces using inspiration from Pablo Picasso. Picasso is known for his geometric designs and abstract shapes. Have a look at the amazing work they have done! The colours are so vibrant, too.

Have you ever created artwork inspired by Picasso?

February 7

Rotational Symmetry Artwork on Display

We’ve combined math and art in a neat way–Rotational Symmetry Art!

Students had to create a design and trace this design 8 times which created a repeating pattern in a circle. We had been studying rotational symmetry when we began the art lesson and fused the two subjects together to create what you see below. They turned out beautifully! The amount of detail you can see is outstanding. It’s not easy to make each 1/8th segment identical to the others.

Have you ever done art like this before? If you missed our post about what rotational symmetry is, click here!

October 21

Museum London

Our trip today to Museum London was a great learning experience for our class!

We began with breaking into 2 main groups: the first group began in the Studio and the second group began touring the various exhibits in the gallery.

At this time, the gallery was showcasing many exhibits that illustrated the theme of food, water, and life. Some of the sculptures were quite strange looking, but they each told a story and had a real purpose behind them. We also learned the museum can only display so many works of art and the rest (thousands of pieces) are stored in the vault. Some of the artwork is very valuable and is worth thousands and thousands of dollars. We saw original artwork by London artist Paul Peel as well as other work that included mixed media, abstract art, and portraits.

In the Studio, we had the opportunity to learn about primary, secondary, complimentary colours, contrast, balance, organic shapes versus geometric shapes. We created, (in a short time period, mind you), a mixed media piece of art. It is mixed media because we were using magazine and tissue paper in addition to applying crayon and marker. Have a look at us in the process:

IMG_4819 IMG_4827 IMG_4830 Have a look at some of our completed pieces:

IMG_4821 IMG_4824 IMG_4822 IMG_4823We thank Museum London and our parent volunteers for joining us on our trip! It was a great experience overall.

What did you enjoy the most? What did you learn?

May 14

School Art Exhibition

Wow–what a turnout to the Art Exhibition held at our school last Thursday evening! It was such a delight to see so many parents and students sharing the hard work the students created this year. Thank you for coming out and making the evening a success. The hallways and library showcased the beautiful artwork and the staffroom was transformed into a Bistro with treats for everyone!

Our class, along with Mrs. Thompson’s, displayed our block-printing that we learned how to do with Jen Hamilton, the artist who came in over the last several months. The artist statements the students wrote helped to explain the thinking behind the artwork. It’s not easy to see the hours and hours of work that goes into block-printing, but Jen put together a flow chart showing the process, as seen below.

Congratulations Grade 6s on a job well done!

IMG_0482 IMG_0483 IMG_0481 flow chart made by Jen