January 25

All in a Day’s Work…

There’s certainly never a dull moment in Grade 3. We work hard, do our best, and try to have fun at the same time.

Below, students are playing “Quiz, Quiz, Trade” to review for our Social Studies test coming up. Students could use their notes, if needed. They coached each other if they weren’t sure of the answers and then traded cards once each student successfully finished each card.

Here, students are reviewing subtraction by taking turns coaching each other through the step-by-step process. They did such a fantastic job!

Check out this awesome tutorial by one of our classmates!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Sullivan

January 23

What is Empathy?

At our school, we are focusing on one particular virtue each month. A virtue is a type of morally good behaviour or character.

The virtue this month is EMPATHY. So, what is empathy? What does it mean to be empathetic?


Today, we read a book introducing this word and what it looks like. Students learned what it means to put ourselves in someone’s shoes. We shared examples of how we have shown empathy for others in our own lives. We had lots to talk about!

If you’re still not sure what empathy is, take a look at this short video made by 8th graders from Kalispell Middle School in Montana, U.S.A.

January 21

Find Your Magic

On Monday, students in our school were entertained by the wonderful Brent and Sarah. The pair are a husband and wife team of magicians who used interactive magic, humour, and storytelling to educate the students about the effects of bullying.

They shared personal stories of times in their lives when they were teased or bullied and gave tips on how to conquer situations similar to theirs.

The duo delivered their four “Secrets of Magic” which were: Anything is Possible, Believe in Yourself, You’re Not Alone and Find Your Magic. Each student was given a “Find Your Magic” postcard with the four secrets and a fill-in-the-blanks activity.

After the assembly, hopefully the students were not only to take away the postcard, but also the lessons that went along with the presentation which involved empathy, building self-confidence, inclusiveness, and finding your ‘magic’.

Click here to see some magic tricks you can learn straight from Brent and Sarah!


January 18

What Makes a Good Friend?

Friendship is such an important part of Grade 3 life. Not only is it important to us now, but all through our lives. We lean on our friends in good times and in bad. Friends lift our spirits when we are sad, they celebrate with us when something great happens, and they lend a hand when we need help.

In class, we’ve had great discussions surrounding friendship. What is a friend? Here is what our classmates had to say…

We compared friendship to a flower. In order for a flower to grow and flourish, we need to water it, give it light, plant it in good soil. This is similar to what we need to do to nurture a friendship .We must take care of our friendships the way we would a flower.

We’ve also read a couple of books about friendship. There are so many great ones out there.  Here are the 2 we read:

What other qualities would you add to our list about what

makes a good friend?

January 18

Superb Subtraction

Our class has been spending a lot of time delving into 4 strategies about how to add 2 and 3 digit numbers. In the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing with you student-guided tutorials about how to use these strategies.

Yesterday, we launched into subtraction strategies. We learned how to subtract using a number line by “thinking addition”. See below for an example.

Today, we explored the traditional method of subtraction where “borrowing” or “regrouping” may be involved. Check out this video we watched in class that introduced us to the concept.

On Monday, we will explore a 3rd strategy. There are pros and cons to any strategy.Some are faster than others, some are easier to understand. Everyone has a favourite.

What is your favourite subtraction strategy?

Do you know how to solve a question in more than one way?

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January 13

A Fresh Start

Messy desks are a pet peeve of mine. Time is easily wasted when students are looking for things in their desk if it’s not organized. We spent time last week organizing our desks and used Mrs. Sullivan’s Desk Diagram to help us with this. Everything should have a place. Our notebooks will last longer and be better taken care of when they are placed neatly inside our desks.

Our diagram is now posted in our classroom so it’s easy to refer to when needed.

Happy tidying!

Mrs. Sullivan

What’s a great way you stay organized at your own home?

January 11

Scavenger Hunt

Today, students in our class had a little fun working with a partner to dig through our class blog to uncover answers to ten questions. Clicking on links, reading data, looking closely at comments were all part of the exploration.

Using teamwork, good problem-solving skills, and a good attitude, students explored our blog and completed the task as a way to wrap up our first week back at school. Monday, we will learn which team had the most correct answers!

Have a great weekend!

January 11

In My Opinion…

In class, we are currently learning about what it means to persuade which will lead us into writing a persuasive letter in the coming weeks. 

One of the activities that we began with was an activity called 4 Corners. Each corner of the classroom had a sign that read either Strongly Agree, Agree, Strongly Disagree, Disagree. The students had to think about their position on the topic given and decide which sign to stand under. They needed to be able to justify why they believed what they did and were even allowed to change their minds if another group persuaded them to do so.

Topics ranged from “Should animal testing be allowed?” to “Should children be allowed to have a TV in their bedroom?”.  Several students were very passionate about their opinion while others were more easily swayed in any direction. Lots of chatter and discussion around these topics gave the students plenty of opportunity to practice their debating skills and how to respectfully disagree.

January 1

Happy New Year!

For thousands of years, people have celebrated the start of a new year. In most countries, the start of the new year is on Jan. 1. In some other countries, including Thailand, it is celebrated at a completely different time. When I lived in Bangkok, I loved participating in their new year called Songkran which is in mid April. You say “Sawadee PeeMai” for Happy New Year. It’s a lot of fun because everyone soaks each other with water! No kidding! If you’re walking on the sidewalks downtown, there are people driving by sitting in the back of pick up trucks spraying you with water guns! The water is meant to symbolize the washing away of bad luck.

However you celebrate your new year, have a happy one! Perhaps you have a tradition or custom in how you ring in the new year. I came across this idea below and thought it would be nice to share it with you all today.

Cheers to a beautiful and healthy 2019!

Mrs. Sullivan

December 21

Merry Christmas!

It’s a most holy and special time of year! The 4th Advent candle (another purple candle) will be lit this Sunday which means that Jesus’ birthday is right around the corner! On December 25, we celebrate the birth of our King.

Our Grade 3s and myself wish you and your families a blessed, beautiful, and wonderful Christmas! Gather with the ones you love, and remember the true reason for the season.

God Bless and have a Happy New Year!

Mrs. Sullivan