May 29

Celebrating Our Authors–Camp Style!

Snuggling up around the campfire, nibbling on s’mores and reading really great stories was a great way to spend a Wednesday afternoon…after EQAO is all done.

Flashlights in hand, we had a fun afternoon of reading, celebrating, and praising each other for all the hard work with our published realistic fiction stories.

I have personally thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one and am SO proud of everyone’s efforts. Wow!

There is so much involved in the writing process–planning, drafting, editing, revising, publishing. There were stories about getting lost in a mall, in the woods, making new friends, surviving a camping disaster, overcoming a fear of dogs, ocean, clowns, spiders…and so much more!

Congratulations to each and every one of you for the wonderful work you created!  I am so proud of you!



May 29

A Special Invitation

Dear Fellow Muggles,

As you know, a very special delivery was made today from Hedwig the Owl. Mrs. Barnes noticed her swooping in through the office window, dropping off a basket of envelopes to the students of Room 117 at our school. She even captured this photograph:

These letters are a special invite for you to attend a…

Harry Potter Party

 on Monday June 17, 2019

*Please reply to this invitation by leaving a comment on this post*


May 26


Dance is awesome!Dance can make you exercise and be flexible. The bad thing is you always have to point your toes and keep your body straight. The good thing is you get to show everyone your dance on the stage! At the end of your dance everyone claps for you! Everyone takes a photo or a video. That is why I love dance.

by: A.J.

Do you love dance? What is your favourite kind of dance?


May 26

What’s the Chance?

Over the last while, our students have been learning about probability.

What is PROBABILITY? It is the chance of something happening.

What better way to understand “chance” than by playing games? We started off by playing a Horse Race game which involved rolling 2 dice. If you rolled your horse number, you got to move. If someone else rolled your horse number, your horse moved. The first horse to cross the finish line wins! After examining patterns across each group’s board, we noticed that horse number 6,7,8 seemed to be winning the most. We learned that it wasn’t “luck” that made a horse win…it was math! Probability!

Last week, we also played a probability game called Race to the Top. Students used a spinner and recorded the results in a table/chart. Whomever made it to the top of the chart first wins! We first used a spinner that showed equal chances of winning. Then, we used a spinner that did not show equal chances of winning. Take a look at the fun we had!


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May 17

Going to Great Wolf Lodge

If you haven’t gone to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, you should! There are water slides, swimming pools, and plus you can sleep over there! In some of the rooms there are bunk beds and in other rooms there is no bunk beds. Outside the water park there is a place where you can get treats. There is also a buffet. In the water park there is a restaurant!

Written by: B.W.


May 16

In a World of Robots

Recently, as a culminating activity to our 3D Geometry unit, students designed their own robots and presented them to several other classrooms. Using an assortment of recycled materials, students loved making their projects and were proud to show off their hard work. They were asked to give their robot a name and write a paragraph explaining the features of their robot and the 3D shapes they used.

May 7

The Works

Are all burgers junk food? I’m sure The Works burgers are harmless to your body because they use fresh ingredients and cook with care. The Works is a great restaurant in the city where I live. The burgers are really delicious and you can taste the most crispy and delicious onion rings and sweet potato fries there, too. They use a large measuring cup for the drinks and refills are free of charge. The Works address is 145 King Street.

by: SK

Have you ever been to The Works?

What are your favourite toppings on your burger?

May 6

A Classroom Shopping Spree

What can one buy with only $10.00 to spend on various items around the classroom? That’s exactly what students had to decide when shopping around the room for various items with price tags. The rules were they had to spend more than $4.00 but no more than $10. Some students commented on the bargains to be had! It’s interesting to see the shopping habits of these young students already emerging 🙂 With clipboards and pencils poised, students carefully tabulated their totals. When we gathered back together to discuss and share, we also learned how to calculate change with a subtraction strategy.

We discussed what we could buy for  $10.00 outside of the classroom and the fact that in reality there is tax to be included in most things as well.

How would you spend $10…or would you save it?

May 1

Grandparents Day

Today was a special day as we celebrated our grandparents! While some grandparents were far away or not able to come, we did have a terrific turnout overall. Our students welcomed our visitors warmly and were eager to show them their various projects “on the go” and give them a tour of the classroom. Some students read together with their grandparent or worked on some math problems. Some even gave an impromptu puppet show!

After the classroom visit, grandparents were ushered into the gym to watch a few performances from our school show, Shrek Jr.

Thank you to our grandparents (and parents) who helped make today extra special for us all.