February 20

Winter is AWESOME

Photo Credit: Matt Biddulph via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Matt Biddulph via Compfight cc

Winter is the best season ever! You can do lots of fun stuff in the winter. One of my personal favourites is to snowboard. You can also toboggan, ice skate, ski and have snow ball fights. You can build a rocking snowman too! I also love winter because Christmas happens during the winter. I love spending time with my family, opening presents and thanking Jesus. I really love watching the Winter Olympics. It is exciting to cheer on my home country Canada. My favourite sport to watch is luge because it looks like a lot of fun to do and it would be really fast to go down the track. I also like to play in the snow. It is really fun to just hang around in the snow and make snow angels and build forts. This is winter awesomeness!!

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2 thoughts on “Winter is AWESOME

  1. Nicole

    Dear Noah,
    Good blog. I like winter too. My favourite things to do in the winter is to snowboard and winter is the season of hockey and you know that hockey is my favourite sport.

    Good blog again
    Your friend Nicole


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