February 26

V.I.P Trip

Recently we went on one of the best field trips! It was the V.I.P trip (Values, Influences and Peers).  Constable Boland, our VIP officer, was also at the event. Unfortunately, the K9 unit was on a call and could not join us, but we watched a great video about the kind of work that K9s do as part of the police force.

Check it out!

We got to hear from an emergency nurse, Lisa, who talked about drugs and alcohol and how those substances affect you and what can happen to you. She sees a lot of injuries in her line of work and has witnessed what alcohol and drug abuse can do to you.

A woman from the local Detention Centre told/showed us what a jail looks like and what life is like in jail. She also showed us what the people in jail wear, what they eat with (rubber spoons), and what kind of rules they must follow.

The last person that spoke to us was a motivational speaker named Leroy Hibbert. He talked to us about how important it is to stop racism.

From these presentations our class learned from Lisa: it is extremely important not to do drugs and not to over dose on alcohol or medicine.

From the detention officer we learned: that jail is a scary place, there is no privacy, and the outfits are even scarier.  From Leroy we learned:  that being racist and discriminating against others is something that we shouldn’t do.  Finally from Constable Boland we learned NOT to mess with canines!

    By: Abby & Ekaterini

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