February 26

We are Pillars of Lent

‘Give alms…Pray to your Father…Fast without a gloomy face…’ (Matthew 6:1-18)


There are 3 pillars of Lent: Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving.

During Lent, we are called to get closer to God and the Pillars of Lent help us to do just that.

Prayer–when we pray, we let God know we believe in Him. When we pray we learn to feel God’s love in our hearts.

Fasting— Fasting takes a lot of effort and dedication as we offer up to Our Lord the food we’re not eating. Perhaps you’ve decided to sacrifice eating snacks between meals or giving up a favourite treat. Fasting is difficult for everyone but is one way

Almsgiving–We are encouraged to do charitable acts every day and to pay attention to the needs of others.

We hope to approach Easter Sunday with hearts overflowing with love for God.

The students worked in their teams to create tableau (frozen picture) demonstrating what the 3 Pillars of Lent looks like. Check out some of their work:

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3 thoughts on “We are Pillars of Lent

  1. Jacob

    Dear Mrs Sullivan,

    I really enjoyed your video about the 40 days of Lent.

    I wish I could make the 3 pillars of lent with the class.

    from Jacob

  2. Eva

    Dear Mrs.Sullivan, I really like doing it can we do it again ? It was so much fun!The best part is doing the prayer because it was easy and fast.The give up one is hard because we had to a picture in freeze mode and we had to think a lot. Love, Eva

  3. Brandon D

    Dear Mrs.Sullivan,I really liked making the 3 pillers of lent! The only one that was hard was Fasting.
    From Brandon D


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