June 5

It’s the Circle of Life

Pivot turn, shuffle step…students at our school danced their hearts out in the gym for both parents and peers. Plenty of practice and hard work paid off today and performances brought smiles and lots of applause. It’s not easy to perform in front of an audience and you all did a wonderful job doing your very best.

Our class decided to join forces with the Grade 3/4 class and we danced to a remix of Circle of Life. Students decided to dress as an animal of their choice and we had a wonderful assortment of animals such as giraffe, leopard, tiger, parrot, monkey, elephant, and so on.

Grrrreat job, Grade 3s and 3/4s! I’m proud of you!

Note: A video of our dance will be posted in the near future.

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8 thoughts on “It’s the Circle of Life

  1. mya

    dear m.rs Sullivan,
    everybody was great and they did a great job and i love dance fest
    and my mom said i was great


  2. grace

    Dear Mrs.Sullivan,
    I had a lot of fun dancing and dressing up like ANIMALS.It was so fun!!!My favorite part was when we did the two slaps on your nees then clinched your fist then banged your arms together twice.
    what was your favorite part?

  3. Emme

    Dear Mrs.Sullavan,
    I had so much fun doing the dance for dance Fest
    I loved the idea of the costumes they were AWESOME!!!!
    I had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!

  4. Ewan

    Dear Mrs.sullivan,I really enjoyed practicing and performing our dance.My favorite part was the steps forwards and backwards.I really hope I get a good song next year.From,Ewan.

  5. reese

    Dear Mrs.Sullivan,I loved doing dance fest and I do dance so I feel like a leader.I love doing dance and I love dance fest as well!!!


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