June 18

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Harry Potter

Poised on Platform 9 3/4 with their black gowns, lightning scars, and ticket in hand, students were ready to step through the brick wall into a whole different world–Hogwarts!

With a SWISH and a FLICK, we began with the Sorting Hat who whispered into Mrs. Sullivan’s ear which house each student would be assigned to.

We began with some activities in our new houses, all related to Harry Potter, of course. Photo opportunities came next and then the much anticipated FEAST!

At 11:00 we began digging into the incredible assortment of treats and eats. We are all so thankful to all of the parents who helped make our feast super special.  We had everything from beautifully decorated homemade cakepops, Hagrid’s rockcakes, to Wizard hat cupcakes, Ollivander’s licorice wands, and Professor Sprout’s veggie sticks. You can see it all in the pictures below.

After filling our bellies, we began watching the movie of Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone, followed by more picture-taking.

I’m happy to announce that all students graduated with a degree of Master of Wizardry courtesy of Professor Albus Dumbledore and Professor Minerva McGonagall. Congratulations!

I think it’s safe to say the students enjoyed their time at Hogwarts. I’m so happy they all embraced all that is Harry Potter and soaked it all in. 


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6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Wonderful World of Harry Potter

  1. Jaocb.f

    Mrs. Sullivan you went above and beyond to make this Harry Potter Party one to remember. Jacob had a great day and was excited to share with all the wonderful things you had for them…The room looked amazing! Thanks Again 🙂

    Pina Franze

  2. Kasia

    WOW and WOW!! This looked amazing for the kids. So much planning and hard work on your part Mrs. Sullivan! The costumes, decorations, food and all the props involved were incredible! Amazing teacher! Thank you for posting the video!
    Kasia (David’s mom)

  3. Mom B.

    Wow!! So impressive! Everything looks incredible. You did a fabulous job bringing The Hogwart Academy to life in your classroom. Love, Mom

  4. Reese’s mom

    Thank you Mrs. Sullivan for what I’m sure will be counted among the best day ever at school! The room looked amazing and Reese couldn’t stop talking about all the cool things you did for them today!! Lucky Kids to have such a special Grade 3 teacher!


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