February 13

My grandparents are here!!!

Not long ago, I was so excited to meet my grandparents at the Toronto airport. On the way to the airport  we had a terrible snow storm.But finally we made it!

We waited at the airport and it seemed like forever. Suddenly, the sliding doors opened and I saw my grandma and grandpa come out. I ran towards them and we started hugging. I felt so joyful

When we left the airport, my grandparents were surprised to see snow. It was their first time in the snow! My grandpa’s shoes were not for snow!

Now, the question is How do I convince my grandparents to move to Canada forever?

By: J.F.


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4 thoughts on “My grandparents are here!!!

  1. MrsS (Post author)

    Dear J.F.,
    What a very special occasion! I’m delighted to hear that your grandparents have arrived safely. Your family must be overjoyed! What is something you plan to show them or do with them now that they’re here?
    Mrs. S

  2. Joseph O.

    Dear J.F.,
    I’m really happy for you that you finally met your grandparents after a long while and i hope you have a lot of fun with them while they’re


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