October 23

Global Connections

Something special happens when you can connect with another classroom about the same book. As you know, we are reading Stella Diaz Has Something to Say, the Global Read Aloud selection this year.

We are enjoying our book and love to Skype with our friends in California! There is a 3 hour time difference  between us so when it’s 1pm for us, it’s 10am for them!

We love learning about their school, their weather, what life is like in California, and so on. We have so many questions for them such as how many recesses do you get? How many teachers do you have? Do you have a class pet?

We discuss our favourite parts of the book, making personal connections to parts of the book, sharing our understandings of the book, and more.

We can’t wait until next week when we connect with our friends again.


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