November 17

November Learning

Learning happens in all shapes and forms. In our classroom, we love to celebrate learning by snapping pictures of the action, giving high fives, cheering for each other, taking risks, and being proud of ourselves and one another.

Have a look at some of the learning taking place in our class these days. You will see a building challenge, after which, we graphed the data. You will see a phys-ed class in action, Flashlight Friday, Math Tiles, building a diorama, and some of our finished digital art on a bulletin board.

Last week, we were excited to meet Alex, a marine biologist from Florida. She made special time for our class to talk to us about her research with sea turtles. She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Florida where her research focuses on the foraging and behavioral ecology of green turtles in seagrass ecosystems. We learned about her SCUBA diving adventures, how pollution is hurting sea turtles, that there are 7 different species of sea turtles, and all 7 are endangered. Did you know…a sea turtle’s poop floats? (We found that mildly gross, yet very interesting).

We learned that sea turtles, eat almost anything, including jellyfish! This is why plastic bags floating in the ocean can be detrimental to the life of a turtle. Alex said that one of the ways we can help protect the sea turtles is by reducing our own plastic waste.

We learned that a sea turtle has 2 habitats: the beach and the ocean!

Students had many amazing questions to ask Alex and she was delighted to answer them for us. She emphasized the importance of finding something you really love and just going for it! We loved her positive message.

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6 thoughts on “November Learning

  1. A.J

    Dear Mrs.S,
    I really loved to Skype with Alex.I learned a lot of things about sea turtles i did not know that when they poop the poop floats.I really would like to call her again.I am really thankful for her to spending her time with us. I would like to ask more questions and call her again

    From A.J

  2. J.F

    Dear Mrs.Sullivan
    I really liked how Alex spent her time with us.I still have lots of
    questions to ask her.I hope she can Skype us again.

  3. C.M

    Dear Mrs.Sullivan,
    Getting to do the digital art was really cool and exciting!I hope we get to do more in the future! Will we?


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