January 18

Our New Reading Buddies

We wrote a letter to our principal, trying to persuade him to allow us to have pets in our class. Suddenly, and out of the blue, we had a delivery of some other special pets that needed a new home. We were introduced to our very own pets that we would learn we would be adopting!

Amazingly, there just happened to be 23 pets needing adopting and each had a tag on it with a message and the pet’s name.

Every student selected their new reading buddy. Adoption certificates to go home next week 🙂 Students may choose to take them home, bring to school, but the only requirement is to read to them–20 minutes a day which will make our pets happy.

Happy Reading!


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Posted January 18, 2020 by MrsS in category Reading Workshop, Teacher Talk

2 thoughts on “Our New Reading Buddies

  1. C.M

    Dear Mrs. Sullivan,
    I really look forward to reading with our new reading buddies I was actually just reading with mine a second ago!
    Do you like to read too?

    1. MrsS (Post author)

      I do love to read! I can’t wait to introduce you all to our next read aloud…on Monday! Stay tuned 😉
      Love, Mrs. S


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