March 12

It’s a DIRTy Job

As we dig deeper into our soil unit, today we got our hands dirty and were able to apply some of things we’ve been learning. We were scientists exploring, analyzing, revealing, questioning, and having fun at the same time!

After some time, we then organized our earth sample into 4 categories. The students had to decide which categories those would be based on what they saw in their soil sample. For instance, big rocks, little rocks, living things, and so on. After, we did a gallery walk to see how other groups sorted their soil and we noticed many similarities!

Students discovered all sorts of interesting things in the soil. Some of these things included:

  • worms
  • centipedes (tiny ones)
  • roots
  • grass
  • sand
  • big and little rocks
  • spider

Finally, we documented our observations, as scientists do, making sure to capture every detail. Great job, Gr.3/4 scientists!

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