October 3

It’s October! What Have We Been Up To?

So, what’s it been like in Grade 3 lately? There’s A LOT of things that go on during the day in our Grade 3 classroom. This includes reading, math games, investigating dirt, playing outdoor games…we are always moving and thinking!

I must say that the students have been so wonderful in learning the new safety protocols so quickly and have demonstrated such resilience! Impressive!

Keep up the super work, Grade 3s! And parents–thank YOU for all your support and encouraging words.



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Posted October 3, 2020 by MrsS in category Teacher Talk

2 thoughts on “It’s October! What Have We Been Up To?

  1. Valeria

    Hello Mrs.Sullivan
    Thank you for sharing photos of our class.
    They’re really nice.
    Valeria 🤗💞😊🍁


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