May 17

Going to Great Wolf Lodge

If you haven’t gone to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, you should! There are water slides, swimming pools, and plus you can sleep over there! In some of the rooms there are bunk beds and in other rooms there is no bunk beds. Outside the water park there is a place where you can get treats. There is also a buffet. In the water park there is a restaurant!

Written by: B.W.


May 7

The Works

Are all burgers junk food? I’m sure The Works burgers are harmless to your body because they use fresh ingredients and cook with care. The Works is a great restaurant in the city where I live. The burgers are really delicious and you can taste the most crispy and delicious onion rings and sweet potato fries there, too. They use a large measuring cup for the drinks and refills are free of charge. The Works address is 145 King Street.

by: SK

Have you ever been to The Works?

What are your favourite toppings on your burger?

April 9


Playing the guitar is so much fun, especially when you master a new skill. To master a skill you need to practice, practice, practice. I use a metronome to help me practice. It helps me count my beats my teacher is so nice and he gives me candy if I practice hard enough ! One song I learned to play is from Iron Man. Have you heard this song before? (see below)


March 22

Life with three siblings

Life with three siblings is good but sometimes bad.When I say bad I mean we sometimes fight.It might be because I have a teenage sister and a sister that will be a teenager in June.Or it might be my ten year old sister that starts most of the fights.

It’s good to have siblings because we can have fun together when we play games or hang out together. They can also be helpful by helping me on my Kumon if Mom is unavailable.

by: T. N.



February 21

Coming to Canada

I came to Canada on February 5th, 2015.The person on the far right is my Aunt Nahrin who came to Canada 2 years before us and she helped us get to Canada from Syria. What surprised me the most was the harsh weather because where I came from it was not as cold. Also the nicest thing I realized was that Canadians were very polite and caring.Now I love Canada.

What do you like the most about Canada?




February 13

My grandparents are here!!!

Not long ago, I was so excited to meet my grandparents at the Toronto airport. On the way to the airport  we had a terrible snow storm.But finally we made it!

We waited at the airport and it seemed like forever. Suddenly, the sliding doors opened and I saw my grandma and grandpa come out. I ran towards them and we started hugging. I felt so joyful

When we left the airport, my grandparents were surprised to see snow. It was their first time in the snow! My grandpa’s shoes were not for snow!

Now, the question is How do I convince my grandparents to move to Canada forever?

By: J.F.


January 31

Playing in the snow

I love snow!There are so many fun activities to do in the snow like making snow angels,making forts, going tubing, and making snowmen! In south western Ontario we often get lots of snow, especially in December,January and February. Having my brother play in the snow with me is fun because we have snow ball fights!

by: C.P.

What’s your favourite activity to do in the snow?

January 29

Winter Skiing

I love skiing. Skiing is one of my favorite winter sports.I go skiing every Tuesday with my cousins at Boler Mountain. It is fun going fast down the hill  and I love to be in the snow. I love it when  I go on the ski lift and when I look below there are a bunch of people skiing down the hill.skiing is also amazing exercise for you. If you don’t ski,I highly recommend it.

Written by: A.J.

Do you know how to ski?

June 1

Who Will Win the World Cup?

The world cup is a soccer tournament held every 4 years. This year it’s in Russia and starts on June 14th.

There are 23 countries taking part. It’s the most watched sporting event in the world.

Countries such as Argentina, Germany, Brazil, and France are favorites to win. One of  my favoritse is

Lion Messi , so I hope Argentina wins.

Who are you cheering for?  Click here for more videos about World Cup.

by: Dante