April 16

Let’s Talk Fractions

A fraction is a part of a whole. If Mrs. Sullivan chops an apple into 4 equal pieces to share with her friends, each person will be 1/4 of the apple.

As we explore and understand fractions, as part of our warm up, I invite several students to volunteer and stand at the front of the room. I then proceed with a question about fractions.

Today’s question was, “With the students at the front, what am I thinking that shows the fraction 3/4?

There were many great guesses including…

  • 3/4 of the students are wearing blue tops.
  • 3/4 of the students have long sleeves

While those guesses are true, they weren’t the “rule” I was thinking of.

Can you guess my rule? Look carefully!

April 15

Mystery Reader Revealed!

On Friday, students were treated to a special guest–another Mystery Reader. This time it was Mrs. Sullivan’s mom, Mrs. B!

When I was growing up, my mom would love to read Robert Munsch to me and I even had the chance to meet him! (If I can find the picture, I’ll post it).

Mrs. B read “The Enormous Suitcase” because she could really relate to the problem of packing lightly. In the typical style of Munsch, there was plenty of repetition, laughs, and quirky twists.

What is ONE item you absolutely MUST have in your suitcase?

April 14

I have the BEST job!

Every day I am privileged to come to our school to greet 20 amazing, awesome, bright, funny, talented, intelligent, fun, exuberant, zany students.

Here’s just a sample of why I feel so blessed

Have a beautiful weekend!

The 3 amigos at the end of the day. Can you feel the joy?

How wonderful to have such terrific help when Mrs. Sullivan can’t stop coughing!


April 11

Winter Shadows

Even though Winter may be officially behind us, the wintery weather still lingers. The day we did this art lesson there was a layer of the white stuff on the ground! The students were very engaged in a multi-step art lesson involving several different layers.

Students chose whether they wanted their background to have warm colours or cool colours and selected tissue paper based on that.

Some other materials that were used included:

  • watered-down white glue
  • tissue paper
  • watercolour (black)
  • watercolour paper

Vocabulary learned included:

  • background/foreground
  • intensity
  • shadow
  • horizon line
  • warm colours/cool colours

Check out the process and a few examples of the finished product. What a beautiful job!

April 11

Championship Weekend

I am a part of  the Lower Lakes Female Hockey Novice A Division.The top four teams were invited to play for our division championships.We played against North Halton,Whitby Wolves and Leaside. We won 2 games and lost 2 games in the round robin.We played hard to bring home the bronze medal.It was hard work but lots of fun. I love hockey!

What is your favourite sport?


April 10

Word Study-Week of April 9

April 9

Mystery Solved!

The Case of the Stolen Pillows has been solved! As an update from our previous post (click here), students thought it would be a good idea to interview one of our prime suspects–Mrs. Chapman.

We called her in to be interviewed and students were poised, ready to ask their questions. Mrs. Chapman answered their questions and students jotted notes.

Students asked questions about what colour lipstick does she wear? What kind of coffee does she drink? What size does she buy? Does she like volleyball? A couple of students thought it would be a good idea to ask to see the bottom of her shoes. No match. However, a push to see her outdoor shoes did lead to a match! The tred and size on the bottom or her outdoor winter boots matched the muddy shoeprint left behind.

Mrs. Chapman finally confessed and told us she really liked our pillows and wanted to use them in her own office. She should have just asked, right? 🙂

Case closed. Great job, Grade 3 detectives!


April 4

He is Risen!

The season of Easter is upon us. It lasts 50 days and will end at Pentecost on Sunday May 20. The Greek Orthodox Easter is celebrated one week later on April 8th.

I hope you enjoyed your Easter holiday and celebrated with friends and family and perhaps some yummy treats, too!

There are many symbols of Easter. The students brainstormed several including:



  • eggs
  • rabbits
  • flowers
  • candles
  • crucifix

The students enjoyed a little Easter egg hunt around the classroom and a beautiful presentation of the stations of the cross the Thursday before school ended.

How do you celebrate Easter?

Do you have any special traditions in your family?

Have you ever seen these beautifully decorated eggs? Check out this video that shows how the Ukrainian Easter egg is created:

April 4


Today after lunch, students came into class to a crime scene…someone has stolen our 2 class pillows! Clipboards in hand, students looked carefully at the clues left behind, jotting notes, questions, and observations. After a good long look at the evidence, we discussed each clue, talked about the facts and then made judgements based on the facts.

Finally, we made a list of our suspects. Tomorrow we will get the chance to do some further investigating by interviewing our prime suspects. Stay tuned!