April 6

He is Risen!

What a beautiful Easter weekend we had. We hope you and your family had a fantastic Easter holiday filled with love, hope, and joy.

Easter time is a time of renewal and so is Spring. We begin to see new life sprouting from the ground. We see the birds beginning to prepare for babies to be born, the snow is gone, and buds begin to reveal themselves on our trees. 

At Easter, we eat delicious foods, we gather with our loved ones, we may hunt for Easter eggs, and indulge in goodies like chocolate. But Easter is about much more.

Jesus’ death on Good Friday and resurrection on Easter Sunday gives us hope. Jesus asks us to be more like Him. How can we serve others? What can we do on earth to walk in the footsteps of Christ?

Why doesn’t Easter fall on the same day every year? Did you know that unlike most holidays which have a set date each year, Easter celebrations are tied to the lunar cycles? Thus, Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. 

What family traditions do you have at Easter time?

Why is Easter special for you?

March 22

Water Droplet Artwork

After some practice drawing water droplets using charcoal pencils as well as black and white pencil crayons on blue paper, we moved forward to our final piece–our good copy. We used oil pastels for the entire task.

We sometimes used Q-tips to help with smudging, we used white-out for the reflections in each droplet. We used Kleenex to help us with smudging our background colours.

They turned out so beautifully! Well done, Grade 3s!




March 22

Spring Has Sprung!

We are loving the warmer temperatures and the excitement that comes with it knowing Spring has arrived!

Our class has been hard at work completing various projects in math, Science, and even finished a special St. Patrick’s Day project involving the design and the building of a leprechaun trap.

In the pictures below, groups of students are working collaboratively to design an animal rescue that includes 5 animals, an entrance, a picnic area, a classroom, a snack shack and more! Each group had to invent a story of at least 1 animal detailing why that animal was in need of rescuing. Of course, we needed to figure out the perimeter and area of each building, too! We are currently presenting our projects.

We had a virtual visitor named Tracy come to our classroom from Huxley Jewellers here in London. She is a jewelry designer with a wealth of knowledge. She runs the store with her family. She shared with us so many neat things about rocks and minerals and we asked lots of great questions.





We’ve been focusing a lot on our understanding of what respect means in and out of the classroom and have been making some improvements in demonstrating respect throughout our day. Here’s what we came up with to help us demonstrate respect during eating times.

In our measurement unit, we sometimes explored perimeter and area using geoboards! In the pictures below, we are working with a partner to quiz each other on finding the perimeter and area of squares or rectangles near the end of our unit.

March 18

Minecraft Math Art

As part of our last unit in measurement, our class created some artwork inspired by Minecraft.

You can’t see them, but on the back of their art, each student recorded the perimeter and area of various parts of their portrait including their eyes, mouth, and shirt.

Have a look!

March 5

Water Droplets

Today we learned about how to draw water droplets which involved shading, smudging, feathering, and blending.

We tried a few different water droplets to get the hang of it. Next week plan to use oil pastels to create a piece of art.

Stay tuned!

Our homework this weekend is to try drawing another water droplet on our own for extra practice.

March 1

Picasso-Inspired Artwork

We would like to share our artwork from a few weeks ago. It’s so vibrant and creative! We enjoyed working with pastels and coming up with interesting facial features that were bold and some even geometric.

Check it out…