June 21


In Fortnite you can build, play with your friends and have a one vs one in creative.

In games such as solos, duos, trios, and squads there is 100 people in a game.

Also  you can play other modes too.

There is a battle pass as well with 100 levels and every 10 levels you can go up to the next page.

There is and item shop where you can buy

cosmetics, gliders, skins and emotes.  

by:  Remy



June 21

Super Mario 3D World!

Super Mario 3D world is a very fun game! There are 8 diffrent worlds and a lot of courses to play! There is a castle for each world, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,and 8. 1 is the start, and 8 is the end. Eight Is the hardest of them all.

I highly recommend this game if you haven’t played it yet. It is my favourite and it might be yours, too!

Written by: Ben



June 14

Dance Fest 2022

Congratulations to all our Grade 3s and 4s for their amazing performance of Ghostbusters last week!

The students had practiced for so many weeks and were ready to present all their hard work. Way to go!

Thank you to all the families who helped prepared your child’s costume. They turned out great! The students were so delighted to perform for you. If you weren’t able to attend, here is a video of the performance:


June 9

Will of Astra

Will of Astra is a game where  you summon ninjas and level  them up. There’s ranks of ninga from 1 star to 5 stars. You collect gold to buy stuff to help you such as armour and scrolls. There’s an arena to fight with online players and a storey area where you can advance into different parts. It’s a free game and you can get it on an ipad.

by: Orlando 


7,606 Ninja Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock

May 20

Let’s Celebrate World Bee Day 2022

Today we celebrated World Bee Day by learning all about bees!

Turkey Jay, Mrs. Sullivan’s husband, is a beekeeper and loaned us many of his bee keeper tools and items so we could understand how bees produce honey and all that is involved in the process. 




wearing a beekeeper veil

We painted beehives (actually called ‘honey supers’) to make them prettier and played Kahoot to test our knowledge.

Bees are so important for many things, especially for pollination! Did you know that every 3rd spoonful of food depends on pollination? As bees move from flower to flower in search of nectar, they leave behind grains of pollen on the sticky surface, allowing plants to grow and produce food. 

In order to produce a kilogram of honey, a bee has to visit four million flowers and fly four times the distance around the planet.

Bees are critical to our survival. Did you know that there are more and more negative effects on the health of bees, which makes them increasingly endangered? We must take extra care of their survival.

Bees are such fascinating creatures.

What do YOU still wonder about bees?



May 19

Poetry Revision

We’ve been writing poetry the last few weeks and are nearing the end of our unit. Our focus has been on free-verse poems which we love because there are NO rules!

We’ve been learning about how to find poems that hide all around us, living wide awake as writers. We learned that we need to pay close attention to our lives and see, feel, touch, smell, and listen closely.

Poems sometimes whisper to us and other times they yell. Poems live in our houses, in our classroom, on the school yard, at the beach, in our cottage, at a restaurant, in a boat…EVERYWHERE!

Here’s some of the strategies we’ve added to our poetry ‘toolbox’:

  • Looking at the world with fresh eyes
  • listening for line breaks
  • using juicy, precise words
  • Using show, don’t tell
  • similes, metaphors
  • alliteration
  • onomatopoeia
  • personification


We are creating our poetry anthologies through Google Slides and are handing in our very best 6-8 poems. In class today, our focus was on revising our poems–looking at them again with a partner. We read some advice from famous poets and came to understand that revision is an important piece of the writing process, even for poetry!

May 4


Have you ever had a penpal? It’s fun to communicate with someone and especially fun to get a reply! We’ve been corresponding with another class from Oakville and will continue to the end of this school year. It’s great practice in proper letter writing skills and we always look forward to hearing from our penpal friends.

We will send our next set of letters this week! 

May 4

Measurement Mania!

As part of our measurement unit where we investigated perimeter, area, time, linear measurement, and mass, we finished off with learning about capacity.

What is capacity?

Capacity is the amount of space a container can hold when it’s filled up.

Like all parts of our measurement unit, learning in a hands-on way is the best way to understand these concepts. Throughout our unit, we used different measuring tools such as measuring tape, rulers, meter sticks, pan balances, clocks, measuring cups, graduated cylinders, beakers, measuring spoons. We learned about how to use non-standard units as well as standard units (mm, cm, m, km, mL, L, g, kg). 

Check out some pictures that were snapped of us measuring capacity!




In the pictures below you can see many groups of students working on their math project using perimeter and area. They have to design an animal rescue park following certain criteria. We also played several rounds of Bingo that involved practice telling time using analogue clocks. 

May 2

Healthy Pancakes

We are going to show you how to make healthy pancakes. Ingredients: an egg, half banana, oatmeal, enough spinach and baking soda. Then we’re going to blend all ingredients. Now we’re going to take it to a hot pan with the help of an adult. Now we are going to decorate it. If you want to change the decoration just change it. So I would like some banana then I would a little syrup and this cream. Enjoy your pancakes. I hope you like it.


by: Mariana

May 1

Egg Drop Experiment

As a culminating task to our Science unit all about forces, we worked in teams to design and build and finally test a way to protect an egg from breaking. Much like a helmet will protect our heads from a fall, we had a similar task to ensure these precious eggs stayed in tact. We dropped the eggs from the top of our school and watched to see what would happen. Would our parachutes open?  Would our layers of protection actually work? Would our ideas play out the way we expected?

We discussed how we would ensure our tests were fair such as:

  • dropped from the same height
  • dropped on the same day
  • dropped in the same manner

In the several years of conducting this experiment, this would be the first time Mrs. Sullivan would have all student groups be successful in having their eggs stay in tact! Wow! How impressive!

Have a look at the experiments in action: