September 11

Happy 2nd Week of School

bbqPhew! That first week of school seemed to fly by, didn’t it? Our Back to School BBQ is on Wednesday the 14th–I hope to see you all there.

Our first week of school was all about getting to know each other and establishing our routines. Here are some of the things we have been learning and practicing…


  • lunch time routine
  • what to do when we need to use the washroom or get a drink
  • what to do when we come in from outside
  • how to leave the building for a fire alarm
  • what the whistle blasts mean in gym class
  • how to gather on the carpet for our morning meeting
  • what to do when we first come in the school before French begins

Our classroom library is a special place. We are blessed to have a large carpet which serves to help us gather for lessons but also for us to get comfy and read on! We have some pillows we can use, too. Our class library has over 300 books and counting! We are allowed to sign out one book at a time as long as we promise to treat it with care. Mrs. Sullivan loves for us to explore books. We continue to learn how to choose a ‘just-right’ book so we can be successful when reading on our own.

Our classroom scavenger hunt got us exploring our surroundings and discovering where everything belongs.

In Math, Grade 3s are learning about numbers to the thousands and Grade 4s are learning to the ten thousands. We like to use the whiteboards and base-ten blocks to visualize numbers. We are practicing representing and reading numbers.

Mrs. Sullivan always tells us to take risks in class, never to be afraid to make a mistake. We support each other in our class and don’t make fun of someone if they don’t say the right answer.  Mrs. Sullivan especially loves it when we raise our hand to share an answer, even if we’re not sure. She waits a long time for us to think about what we want to say so that students who need more time to think get more time.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”~ Wayne Gretzky

What’s your favourite number and why?

September 6

Welcome Back!

imagesHappy New School Year!  I am so excited to be your teacher this year and am looking forward to getting to know you and all the wonderful gifts you have to bring to our classroom community.

I know there is plenty of nervous excitement. That’s true for us teachers, too!  I hope you feel like the classroom is a warm and inviting space to learn and grow this year.

IMG_5856 IMG_5862

Today we read First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg and the ending really surprised us! We made a tally chart and graphed how we were feeling today, followed by a discussion. By the looks of our graph, most of us seemed to be excited and none of us felt scared. Mrs. Sullivan said she felt excited, too.IMG_5877firstday

We loved getting to know each other today including one activity that involved eating Smarties! Yum!

We learned about the ins and outs of our classroom and learned our word of the day: facilitate. Do you remember what it means?

Have a great night and see you tomorrow,

Mrs. Sullivan