January 25

All in a Day’s Work…

There’s certainly never a dull moment in Grade 3. We work hard, do our best, and try to have fun at the same time.

Below, students are playing “Quiz, Quiz, Trade” to review for our Social Studies test coming up. Students could use their notes, if needed. They coached each other if they weren’t sure of the answers and then traded cards once each student successfully finished each card.

Here, students are reviewing subtraction by taking turns coaching each other through the step-by-step process. They did such a fantastic job!

Check out this awesome tutorial by one of our classmates!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Sullivan

October 1

Apple of My Eye

I don’t know about you, but one of my favourite things to do in the Fall is to go apple picking. My favourite place to go is Twin Pines Apple Orchards. I love how large their orchard is, the fact that they do tractor rides for free, their staff are lovely, and most of all, they sell yummy apple cider donuts!

Today was no different. Off I went to Thedford with my husband. It was such a beautiful day for a drive and to spend a few hours at the orchard. We’ve been to Twin Pines many times and today I thought I’d share with you a video I made with Farmer Mike. I asked him if he’d mind sharing a very important tip with my 3rd graders about how to pick an apple so that next year another apple gets to grow in the same spot.

Lucky for us, Farmer Mike obliged and here is our video about how to pick an apple:

In the picture here, do you see a very tall stand? What do you think it is for?

Well, mice like to hang out at orchards and can sometimes chew on the bark of new trees and this can kill the tree. They installed a tall stand where hawks can perch and prey upon the mice!

This is a good example of the food chain in action and how humans can take advantage of a more natural approach to solving the rodent problem!


What’s your favourite Fall activity?


October 20

Science: Experiments Explained

As promised, some of the experiments we’ve conducted in Science class, particularly about air pressure, are now explained to you through tutorials designed and produced by the students themselves.

The Gr.6 students in Room 21 have worked hard to put together these tutorials and are eager to share their learning with you!

Please feel free to comment–tell us what you think!