February 24

Pink Shirt Day–What’s It All About?

Today marks Pink Shirt Day across Canada.

What is Pink Shirt day all about? It all began when a boy in the 9th grade wore a pink shirt on his first day of school in Nova Scotia. He was made fun of and was picked on because of this. A few boys saw what happened and decided to do something about it. They bought 50 pink shirts and distributed them for others to wear. By the end of the week, most students in the school were wearing pink to show support for the boy who was made fun of.


We looked at several quotes today and discussed what they meant and why they are always important, not just today.

Here’s a look at some of the ones we discussed today:

  1. Kindness–it costs nothing but means everything
  2. We rise by lifting others
  3. Kindness begins with me
  4. Kindness is the mark we leave on the world
  5. Throw kindness around like confetti
  6. If you can anything, be kind

We designed some of our own pink-tshirts today too.



We revisited this poster called THINK. It’s a great acronym to remind ourselves how we can be kind to others when it comes to our words…

What are ways you can show kindness to others?

February 21

February Fun

March is around the corner. Can you believe it?

We’ve been pretty busy in our classroom learning all sorts of things such as how to tell time, exploring all about rocks and minerals, reading in the dark, playing in the snow, figuring out how to measure perimeter and classroom items using standard units of measurement, and so on.

Check out some snapshots of what we’ve been up to!

February 8

Where do Bees Go in the Winter?

As some of you may know, Turkey Jay is a beekeeper. Recently, we took a visit to his beehives in Sparta.

Did you know that in the winter time, all the male bees, called drones, get kicked out of the hives so there are only females left inside?

As part of our nonfiction unit in reading, we’ll learn a little bit more about bees! They are very interesting creatures indeed!

Let’s take a closer look…


December 18

Joy to the World!

We have at last arrived at a much needed break! The excitement has been building in our classroom for the last few weeks and Christmas is now just around the corner. This Sunday we light the last purple candle.

Our class wishes you all a very blessed and holy Christmas and a happy New Year. Let the season of Christmas fill your hearts with joy and happiness. Even in these challenging times, we have so much to be grateful for.

December 11

Have a Great Weekend!

Our class had fun using Pixton to create our own avatars. Since traditional school photos weren’t happening this year, we thought we’d share our virtual one! Can you guess who’s who?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

December 10

Have a Peek Into Our Learning

December has been moving quickly and we have been busy bees in our classroom in all sorts of ways. Have a little peek into our learning!

During a math class, students can be seen surveying each other in order to gather information about their classmates. We used a tally chart to record the data and then created a bar graph. Some survey questions included…

How Many Pets Do You Have? What is Your Worst Fear? What Time Do You Wake Up on Weekends?

Our class was delighted to help make Christmas Cards for seniors which were delivered to a local nursing home in our community.

Below, our class is creating their very own Upower maps, also known as vision boards. They turned out so wonderful!

A fun Christmas science experiment had us predicting what would happen if we placed a candy cane in different solutions.

Can you guess which liquid caused the candy cane to dissolve the fastest?

Let’s have some fun and make learning about Ontario’s 3 landform regions a little more interesting. Here, we are using Plasticine or Play Doh to show the different features of a particular landform. The 3 regions are: The Great Lakes/St.Lawrence Lowlands, The Canadian Shield, and The Hudson Bay Lowlands.


November 23

Snow Much Fun!

We had SNOW much fun today during gym class. We gathered in groups of 4 and had a friendly competition to see which group could build the biggest snow mound. We had a time limit and then the students had to judge the winner but couldn’t vote for themselves. What fantastic packing snow! It was rolling up just like a carpet revealing the bright green grass beneath.

We went from this last Friday…

To this today…


Get outside, no matter the weather!